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Stay Ahead of the (skin-care) Game!

Stay Ahead of the (skin-care) Game! When we’re young and don’t have wrinkles, age spots, or crow’s feet, we tend to not worry about them. But they’re gonna come quick – ESPECIALLY if you don’t take precaution now!! Facials...
Microcurrent Miracle!

Microcurrent Miracle!

Microcurrent Miracle! Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! Today I’m gonna talk about a miracle treatment: Microcurrent. If you read these blogs, I’m sure you’ve been to MAC’s for a product or service at some point or maybe even regularly. But,...

My Lash Lift and Tint Experience

My Lash Lift and Tint Experience Good afternoon and happy Wednesday! I wanted to mix up today’s blog a little bit and talk about my own lash lift and tint. I decided to start getting a lash lift and tint when I realized how much time and effort I was spending on...