Billion Dollar Brows© The Microblade Effect: Brow Pen


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If your clients want microbladed brows, this waterproof microblading brow pen is the perfect addition to your kit. They’ll get a look that approximates the appearance of microbladed brows and lasts all day long!

Precision Brow Lines

Use the microblading effect eyebrow pen to create hair-like lines on your clients’ brows. This pen is the perfect option for clients who want to fill in their brows or who want the ability to test out the microbladed look before they take the plunge.

Like all the other best brow products from Billion Dollar Brows, the microblade pen is made from high-quality, vegan ingredients that are made to withstand sweat and environmental factors for a long-lasting look.

Boost Your Kit

As a professional makeup artist, salon owner, or Esthetician, adding the microblading brow pen to your kit is a great way to give your clients something unique. You can use it to create a bold brow look without overdoing it. The precision pen creates small lines that you can build up to create thick brows or place them strategically to fill in sparse areas.

The microblading effect eyebrow pen will give your clients the natural microbladed look they’re going for without the risk.