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Healthy Holiday Party Treats

    For the holidays being here with special occasions and parties coming up, everyone is looking for a fun holiday treat to bring for all to enjoy.  Try out these HEALTHY holiday treats to serve anyone and surely impress! Chocomole Pudding We know pudding to be a...

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Heaven for the Body: FarmHouse Fresh Organics

    Here at MAC’s, we always embrace and encourage the intense care of your skin, and this often implies facial skincare- but don’t forget about taking care of and pampering your skin all over!  These heavenly body products from FarmHouse Fresh Organics sold here at...

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Harmful Habits for Our Skin

Harmful Skin Habits: Listen up ladies and gents.  We may be unintentionally doing harm to our skin with certain dirty and easily changed habits.  Keep reading to see if your are guilty (like me) of any bad habits that can age and harm your skin. Sweet and Salty...

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Hydrate and Recover Your Winter Skin!

    This time of year we enter into the coldest, windiest part of the year.  Some may love it, while others dread it, but one thing is certain: your skin NEEDS your extra help during this time!  The cold weather naturally removes moisture with your skin, and your skin...

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    Happy December!  We are so thankful for all of the beautiful souls that follow and support what we do here at MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio!  Casey and Corrine want to give back to you all and to do so, they are now offering facials for 30% OFF from December 3rd -...

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Soap vs. Cleanser

Finding the Right Cleanser for your Skin Type Have you tried a myriad of different cleansers or soaps on your skin only to still be frustrated with dry, dull and flaky skin or oily, shiny and acne prone skin? Me, too. Here’s a little lesson on your skin.  The health...

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Microdermabrasion Facts: If you perform any research about how to keep your skin looking youthful, you’ve definitely come across microdermabrasion.  With millions (yes, literally) of microdermabrasion procedures done a year, it has quickly become one of the most...

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