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Herbs that Enhance the Immune System

At this time of the year, anywhere you go you’ll find people coughing and sneezing, or complaining of being sick.  Whether it’s at work, school, or even just the grocery store, everyone will get that slight subconscious anxiety over whether they will catch...

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Éminence Skincare Gift Sets!

If you have been a client to MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio, you know that we ADORE using and representing organic skincare products from Éminence Organics!  They are an amazing skincare brand that stands strongly for the care and healthy utilization of the...

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8 Lipstick Colors & Trends for Fall 2018

We are now entering the autumn season- which is a cult favorite in the beauty community!  We all think of the beautiful classic lipstick colors you think of when hearing “fall.” This year, try branching out from even those and try a new color or upcoming...

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Schedule an appointment now through the end of September for a microchanneling facial and we will add on a light therapy session valued at $50 for FREE!  Your gorgeous skin will thank you for this! *THE PHOTO IS AN ACTUAL SKIN TRANSFORMATION OF A CLIENT OF...

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