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What’s NEW at MAC’s: Programs and Promos!

Happy summer everyone!  Here at MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio, we have recently implemented some new, exciting, and super beneficial programs and promos YOU can be a part of! TEXT Reminders! You can now text “MAC’S” to 90100 for text reminders of your upcoming...

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Delicious Creamy Fruit Morsels!

Looking for a great summer snack recipe? Something quick, easy, and delicious? Creamy fruit morsels are the perfect poolside snack and a great refresher during the hot summer months. Not to mention - they’re healthy and super easy to make! Preparation time: 10...

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Why Is It Essential to Condition my Lashes?

    We take so much time, money, and products to care for, condition, and treat our hair, skin, and nails, we often forget about our eyelashes!  Yes, we may enhance our lashes with mascara and lash extensions, but our natural lashes need a little love and nourishment...

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Fun, Patriotic Fourth of July Desserts

    Whether you plan to spend the Fourth of July at a huge family picnic, relaxing at home, going to an event, or just catching some beautiful fireworks with a loved one, it never hurts to get a little festive for the honorable holiday!  We want to share some super...

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