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We are so excited to share with you an incredible new service we offer at MAC’s in the wondrous world of permanent makeup- lip blushing!


What is it?

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent color treatment in which pigments are inserted into the edges of the lips and all throughout, making them look fuller, and adding a beautiful;, soft color of your choice to your lips so you LITERALLY can wake up with lush, full, tinted lips!


So it’s lip tattooing?

Not exactly!  Blushing is a more modern and advanced technique and service which applies beautiful pigments to the skin in a much less harsh way for the skin.  Color is also more soft and natural, with no hard definitive lines like those of lip tattooing. A similar machine is used for lip blushing, but the color, just like microblading, does not reach as deep into the skin as actual tattooing, hence the softer look and why we don’t call it full-on “PERMANENT.”


Who would LOVE Lip Blushing?

Anyone who has always been interested in their lips having a fuller look without getting actual fillers should definitely consider lip blushing!  The color selection of nudes, pinks, and mauves is incredible and is great for those with paler lips that would like a bit more color in their lips without the commitment and boldness of lip tattooing.


Does it hurt?

Although the lips are a sensitive area, the machine we use is a lot different than how we do microblading, in case that may concern you!  There is no “scratching” like the feeling is with a microblading blade. We also do apply a numbing cream before the process which does defer a LOT of discomfort!


What is the healing process like?

The full process is about 5-7 days, very similar to that of microblading’s healing process!  The lips may appear darker than the actual color will be, so NO WORRIES! We’ll get you your PERFECT color!  The healing process is overall simple and involves lots and lots of moisture! Also just like most tattoos or permanent makeup healing processes, you may notice a small bit of swelling and flaking which should go away in a week!


What is the aftercare like?

Just like we recommend for microblading, just try to keep your lips from getting fully drenched or soaked in the shower or during cleansing, instead use a washcloth.  We recommend you continuously keep your lips moist during the healing process with Aquaphor or another healing tattoo balm.


How long will the color last?

Lip blushing’s results will last typically anywhere from 2-5 years.  There are a lot of factors that go into this such as aftercare, sun exposure, and of course YOUR desired color intensity, but on average to upkeep your color we recommend a touchup appointment every year!


What is the benefit to lip blushing over lip fillers?

Lip blushing is a LOT less invasive, can be more soft and natural, and not only can create a fuller look, but adds beautiful color to your lips that will allow you to wake up and forget the lipstick every single day if you choose!  The healing process is quicker for lip blushing, and also it is much easier to correct than fillers if there are any desired changes, yet the results WILL last longer. So many of our lip-loving clients pair the two together though, getting fillers from Dr. Parry for the more dramatic, shape changing/correcting result, then blushing to add a beautiful color to their new gorgeous lush, full lips, and we certainly LIVE for that look!


At MAC’s, we are so fascinated with this fast-growing world of beauty, and specifically permanent/semi-permanent makeup!  Right now, Maria is booking clients for her beautiful lip blushing work, so please call us with any other questions and to book your own lip blushing appointment TODAY!


We can’t wait to see your gorgeous new lip look, and we know you will be absolutely OBSESSED with this service!




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