Did You Know Roses Have Incredible Beauty Benefits?

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Happy February, everyone!  It is officially the month of love, as we all get into the Valentine’s Day spirit, and what feels more like Valentine’s Day than ROSES?  While these flowers are a gorgeous, classic, heartwarming surprise, it can also be fun to learn the beauty benefits of this incredibly beautiful flower!



  • Brightening and Anti-Aging


Extracts from the rose which are found in skincare are rich in Vitamin C!  We skincare addicts LOVE the sound of that, as vitamin C has brightening, tone-evening aspects in addition to helping the stimulation of collagen to prevent wrinkles!  Rosehip oil, which is derived from the small fruits on rose plants actually is also the only natural plant oil that contains retinol, which boosts that collagen production we love and acts as a powerhouse against aging!  This form of natural retinol will be much gentler than most retinols, yet highly effective!



  • Long-Lasting Skin Hydration 


Rose ingredients work to condition, moisturize, brighten, and protect the skin.  When organic rose cell ingredients are used, they work to keep you hydrated throughout the day.  Rose petals alone have natural sugars and oils that trap moisture in your skin, which is incredible for the winter!



  • Protection of Your Skin


Rose, especially its essential oil, acts as a wonderful emollient for the skin, protecting the moisture barrier, which is an essential part of your immune system!  So, not only will it help to KEEP moisture IN your skin, but it will also help to keep the bad stuff out! We’re talking about those free radicals that cause damage and aging and toxins that NO ONE wants to have enter their skin!  Rose essential oils and rosehip oils contain antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, which helps us keep our youth and stay away from damage and skin diseases!



  • Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial


Rose is very well known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which is incredibly helpful for people who struggle with rosacea!  Its soothing effects, in addition, will ease the flare-ups and calm sensitive skin. This also helps your painful vacation sunburns! The anti-bacterial properties also can help many cases of acne!



  • pH Balancing Toner


Many people don’t know how IMPORTANT maintaining a healthy pH to the skin is!  The skin has a thin layer that naturally fights infection and environmental factors, and when too alkaline or acidic, it can’t protect as well.  The pH of roses is almost identical to that of human skin (so basically we all are gorgeous roses!) so when you use rose water as a toner, it is not only adding hydration and calming properties but also helping to maintain a healthy pH and prevent imbalances!  This is also essential for acne-prone skin, as it will not disrupt the pH and increase redness/irritation, but rather help to treat when used in toners or cleansers!


These are just a few of the main incredible benefits rose ingredients have on the skin that many would never even think of!  There are so many ways to implement rose into your skincare routine including products with rose essential oils, rose extracts, rose essences, rosehip oils, etc. and we not only encourage you to find some products with these ingredients but also find ways to make your own!  Treat and love your skin a little extra this Valentine’s Day season!


~ Abby




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