Start Your New Year Right with $50 Off Microchanneling and Discounted Package Facials!

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It is now officially 2020!!! This time of year, everyone begins to start working on their goals and resolutions to better themselves and their lifestyles for the new year.  Often times, we overlook genuine self-care and especially self-care through skin care and skin care services! Get yourself on track to one of the best ways to take care of yourself and your skin, and love your glow this new year with $50 off a microchanneling facial and some of our treatment package deals that will keep you up on your skincare game and help you reach your 2020 goals of health, self-love, and beautiful skin!


We offer special discounts when you purchase some of our skincare services in packages!  Included in this offer is microchanneling, microcurrent treatments, and light therapy!


Just as a refresher, we wanted to tell you all about each of these services and how incredible they are for you!  For the month of January, we will be offering you a microchanneling treatment for $50 OFF, so as a refresher for what this miracle-working treatment is and does, microchanneling involves the creation of tiny channels in your skin with a machine our estheticians will use.  These channels have been proven to drastically increase serum absorption and the stem-cell serum we apply to your skin during your facial feed your skin and drastically promote collagen and plump the skin. With consistent appointments, these intensive and effective treatments will show very apparent results of firmer, plumper skin, with drastically lessened signs of aging! We recommend this incredible treatment for anyone who wants to treat or prevent their skin from wrinkles, sagging, and signs of aging, as well as people who want to treat hyperpigmentation, active acne, acne scarring or other forms of non-raised scarring, rosacea, stretch marks, and dermatitis!  Talk to us about discounted series pricing as well to keep up with treating your skin and loving it more than ever this new year!


Another facial service we offer in discounted packages is the microcurrent facial! This facial workout uses probes that massage your face with low levels of electrical microcurrents that mimic and in turn amplify the body’s natural currents!  What benefit does this have? As it helps your circulation and facial muscles activate, the skin is stimulated, toned, and plumped! You will leave your facial already seeing these results and feeling so relaxed, but if you continue these treatments, the anti-aging, plumping benefits will last and increase!  This treatment pairs wonderfully with many of our other facial treatments, peels, and masques, so give us a call and we will create your dream facial and perhaps even a series of them throughout the year!


Lastly, our light therapy treatments are available in discounted packages!  Light therapy can be done on its own, or, as we prefer, added to another facial treatment for the maximum benefits and pampering!  As you relax under the light machine, cell growth and inflammation that cause the skin so many issues such as psoriasis, rosacea, vitiligo, acne, aging, or simply PAIN are slowed down!  The LED lights in our machine stimulate sensors in the skin to boost cell activity and trigger production of the good chemicals in your skin! Different colored light options will give you the right treatment to get the best results for YOUR skin concerns.  Light therapy sounds so simple and relaxing, but it truly provides some of the best results and benefits for anyone’s skin, especially when used repeatedly!


Now that we have overloaded you with all the sciencey skincare service information, we hope you are feeling more inspired than ever to incorporate your skin into the things you want to care for more, improve, and LOVE this 2020!  Kickstart your year of self-love with a facial, perhaps even one of our specials and just know that when committing to a series of these amazing treatments, not only will we thank you, as well as your wallets, but most importantly, your SKIN!


Happy New Year!


~ Abby




MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio


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