Give the Gift of Pampering and Self Care with a Gift Certificate to MAC’s!

Dec 19, 2019 | Daily Blogs | 0 comments

With Christmas SIX DAYS AWAY (!!!) we know there may be those people you still need to find the PERFECT gift for, or you just can’t seem to find one that seems good enough (trust me, I’m in the same boat!). We wanted to shed some light on a simple, quick, and heavenly gift idea that we often times forget to hype up- our gift certificates!

A gift certificate to MAC’s can be the perfect gift for ANYONE from a wife/girlfriend, family member, friend, or even a coworker! You can pick the amount you would like to put on your certificate and your loved one will bring it in to use towards a day of relaxation and pampering, and who wouldn’t want that as a gift?! They can choose any service to put their gift certificate towards- sometimes facials or lash fills can be the perfect gift for a beauty lover- and our more intense treatments are included in the options! So, if you have someone who has really been contemplating getting something BIG like microblading, microchanneling treatments in a series package, or even full sets of lashes, a gift certificate may be the PERFECT gift for them to put towards or pay for what they have been interested in! They can also be used on retail, so your gift recipient of choice can stock up on our best skincare products, makeup, and any of our other BEAUTIFUL treats!

It is super important to note that gift certificates are not just a good gift idea for women! Men NEED to learn the importance and fun of taking care of their skin too, so to gift a man in your life the gift of our service at MAC’s, whether he is already a skincare or beauty junkie or not, you can know that you will be inspiring your gift recipient to promote their health and youth through skincare! Plus, it can be an incredible opportunity for someone who has never really looked into skincare or the world of beauty to find something that really interests them and, of course, makes them feel great AND beautiful!

Stop in for a gift certificate to surprise someone lovely in your life this Christmas! We will be in the studio Sunday through Tuesday! I guarantee there will be so much love and gratitude.

We hope you and all of your loved ones have the best holiday season EVER!

~ Abby


MAC’s Lash & Skin Studio


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