NEW from Sweet Leilani: The Most Versatile Cleanser EVER?

Dec 10, 2019 | Daily Blogs | 0 comments

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! This new cleanser we now carry here at MAC’s is truly something unlike any other product on the market! (and that’s coming from a very well-versed product junkie such as myself!) You may know the brand Sweet Leilani from our coveted, client-favorite “Prep, Prime and Powder Foundation,” the all-in-one liquid foundation that dries down to a beautiful airbrushed, yet hydrated finish with ingredients that are actually taking CARE of your skin while you wear it! Well, it seems that the team at Sweet Leilani really loves to KILL it with these incredible, multi-purpose, good-for-your-skin products, because the new “Hawaiian Cleanse” foaming cleanser is nothing short of this!

This magical, game-changing cleanser comes in an 8 fl. Oz. bottle with a pump, and beautiful summery packaging all made with soy ink- but let’s get to what you’ve been dying to hear about- THE PRODUCT INSIDE! This moisturizing, PH balancing cleanser detoxifies, energizes, and boosts cell turnover with gentle natural removal of dead skin! The cleanser works to reduce any environmental damage, promote HEALING for sensitive or allergy-prone skin, and even aids in the treatment of eczema, rashes, vascular damaged, or itchy skin!

All plant-powered and made with natural ingredients backed by science, just as the rest of Sweet Leilani’s products are, this cleanser is a true miracle worker! Multiple oils in the cleanser work their magic and deliver their benefits such as hydrating deeply and toning, as aloe leaf juice calms the skin while citric acid promotes cell turnover and natural exfoliation. Not to forget all the other incredible ingredients in the cleanser, such as the sweet mandarin peel which contributes to the products natural, sweet, light, and summery scent that leaves you feeling more refreshed than ever!

With just a pump of this cleanser gently applied to the skin and massaged in, makeup literally melts away in the foam, and you can wipe away with a wet cloth! I personally was amazed at how easily, quickly, and GENTLY this cleanser removes makeup, especially on the days of the DARKEST makeup looks even covered in glitter! You can also of course use this as you would your normal face wash! I love to use it in the morning especially, because not only does it make me feel so refreshed and clean, but it really brings so much radiance and brightness to my skin, and dullness is usually something I struggle with!

Use a pump of Hawaiian Cleanse on damp hair as a SHAMPOO (YES, it works as a shampoo too!) to cleanse, detoxify, and give your hair the nutrients it needs! Not to mention the fact that it can even treat psoriasis and dandruff!

This cleanser can ALSO be used as a brush cleaner (I know this inspires me to keep up with my brush cleaning more!) by using a small pump on a tissue and cleaning the products off of your desired brushes. There is even no need to rinse! (Unless you want to of course!)

Stop into MAC’s Lash & Skin Studio today to pick one up for yourself, and trust me when I say, you will fall in love like I did! They also make incredible gifts for the holidays, especially with the versatility. Come and check it out in the “Hydration Gift Basket” set of products that we have to truly make a special someone’s holiday something beautiful!

Happy Holidays!

~ Abby


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