Blueberries: A Superfood DETOX For Your Skin

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Blueberries- the little fruit we all love in our yogurt, smoothies, pies, cobblers, and of course the easy and original way- raw! Many of us consider blueberries an incredible, quick, easy, and delicious sweet snack, but we really need to sit down and appreciate these little wonders for the amazing benefits blueberries have for the skin.

Blueberries are considered a superfood, so they are PACKED with antioxidants! These antioxidants react with free radicals present in the skin to prevent them from causing damage and destroying cells/cell regrowth! These antioxidants and other phytochemicals present help to neutralize these free radicals and prevent damage.

Vitamin A
These little fruits are PACKED with vitamin A, which has been proven to help reduce wrinkles, brighten dark spots, and even out skin tone!

Vitamin C
We always hear about how necessary vitamin C is for your health, but it is not credited enough for what it can really do for your SKIN! The vitamin C from these blueberries can help neutralize free radicals, reduce sun damage, and fight against aging!

Hormone/Acne Control
Blueberries have the ability to help with hormone control remotely, so this will help with hormonal breakouts and skin problems when on your period! The high concentration of salicylates work to do this. Sound familiar? This is because salicylates are the salts found in salicylic acid, which you have likely heard us mention quite a lot! Salicylic acid is an ingredient used in MANY products and treatments designed to clarify, remove dead skin, open clogged pores, and act against bacteria. So when we say blueberry facials and skincare will be a detox, we mean it! When used on the skin, you will notice your skin being so much clearer, cleaner, unclogged, and smoother!

There are so many skincare products and treatments out there that include the magical blueberry ingredient, as well as so many recipes and directions where you can make your own masques at HOME with your own blueberries to let them work their magic, but we do encourage you to stop in every once in a while and treat yourself to some of our incredible PROFESSIONAL facial treatments that include incredible blueberry ingredients!

Our Blueberry Detox Firming Peel Treatment from Eminence
The Blueberry Detox is one of our most popular chemical peels we offer when adding this treatment to your facials- and for great reason! Your pores will be cleansed deeply as blueberry’s (as well as a few other just-as-magical berry ingredients) antioxidants and vitamins nourish, tone, and refresh your skin, all while the peel’s lactic acid removes dead skin cells and improves texture. Easily our most detoxifying and exfoliating peel that gives you SO many other amazing skin benefits that blueberry offers, you NEED this treatment, especially in the winter months. Add this to a microdermabrasion treatment or a dermaplaning facial for the utmost exfoliation and radiance.

Next time you pop some blueberries in your mouth as a delicious snack, you can also sit back and realize the amazing benefits your skin could be reaping from these amazing little fruits!

Call 412-515-3802 today to book an appointment with us to let our amazing estheticians really help you see and feel the stunning things blueberry can do for your skin!

~ Abby


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