Do I REALLY NEED to get Facials and Skincare Treatments Regularly?

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If you’re like us at MAC’s, you are OBSESSED with skincare and take pride in your knowledge, product collections, treatments you get from uss, AND your results! It’s pretty inferable to say that skincare is necessary in order to keep up your youthfulness as well as your health, but it also is so easy for many (especially those of us who are younger and have no need to take the “treat-the-problem” method) to push skincare and facial services to the back burner, especially because the immediate “results” may not be this incredibly visible image. Did you know, however, that preventative facials and skincare are incredibly easier and more effective than repairative treatments and skincare that try to reverse or “fix” one’s skin problems after they have already arose? You may also know that you don’t have to be hard on your skin, out in the sun constantly without sunscreen, or tanning for your skin to go through many different processes, especially AGING!

In this blog, I wanted to bring up some of the everyday things we go through and put ourselves in throughout our lives and how they are affecting your skin without you even knowing it! We all know the most infamous and dangerous factor on the skin out there- sun damage/UV damage. It’s truly broadcasted everywhere as well as through our spa and our blogs how the sun will age your skin so much faster, cause pigmentation issues, and even cause immediate change, such as noticable texture! You may think you can mark yourself safe if you manage your time in the sun well and use an SPF, but did you know as you sit in front of a computer, TV, or even your phone, the blue light is working very hard to age and strain your skin? Some studies have shown that these blue lights that come up in our daily lives can cause even MORE pigment, redness, and swelling than UV damage!

Are we sharing this information with you to scare you and make you an electronic-hating vampire who never leaves the house? Absolutely not! But this, as well as so many other factors we can’t help but run into in our lives, even such as the season changes, can contribute in so many ways to potential skin concerns, and especially speed up and intensify the natural process we all go through, which is aging. Developing an effective skincare routine and especially getting regular facial treatments from professionals truly can do wonders in the prevention of these things that no one wants to see! One way to look at things is by comparing your esthetician to a dentist. You go to the dentist for regular checkups and teeth cleanings because that little bit of time and money can prevent something far more expensive, painful, unhealthy, and time-consuming in the future, such as a root canal or cavities. In the same way, getting regular facials from a professional is giving your skin treatments that are beyond what you can do at home (although that is still necessary as well!). For instance, professional facial treatments can provide your skin with a new level of exfoliation with chemical peel processes, professional masque treatments, and especially with treatments like microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, and microchanneling, all of which are allowing people who are trained to know your skin and give it the full refresh in any way necessary from what it needs. Not to mention the importance of promoting cell turnover, which estheticians are trained to do through their services. So, even if you feel happy with your skin at a young age and don’t necessarily have anything you would like to treat, facials and professional skincare treatments work to help fight these aforementioned conditions your skin is struggling through every single day and really fight off those wrinkles, damage, pigmentation, and of course any other issues you may have with your skin EARLY ON!

Aside from the plethora of reasons your skin is begging you to get facials regularly, you would be surprised how much they can help many other aspects of your health and well-being. You deserve to take some time every month or few months to let all of your worries of the week go, and close your eyes, smell the beautiful, fresh, calming scents of some organic skincare, and relax as your esthetician treats your skin. Not only will you leave every single time feeling clean, refreshed, radiant, and beautiful, but you can take pride in yourself and your smart choice to treat your skin and prevent damage, aging, and so many other natural factors you would be on the road to facing otherwise!

~ Abby

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