Lash Extension Care 101: It’s Easier Than You Think!

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If you’re like me and you’re high maintenance but you like things to be simple and quick at the end of the day, you may be hesitant to get eyelash extensions out of fear or hearing rumors that the aftercare and do’s and don’ts of them being a pain. I’m here to tell you FIRSTHAND that it is all a LOT simpler than you think! We wanted to refresh everyone briefly on the simple aftercare and do’s and don’ts to follow when getting lash extensions!

Just after your relaxing appointment, you can’t stop looking in the mirror at your new, fresh, beautiful lashes! Look as many times as you like, but the first three hours after application are very important to be extra careful! During this time, you should avoid exposing your lashes to excessive steam, water, or heat. (This means maybe plan on going to the gym before your appointment! Sweat CAN negatively affect the glue on your lashes at this time when it is settling!) It is also recommended to refrain from inserting contacts in the first three hours, as the solution can affect the adhesive. Using products around the eyes in this first period is also advised against, but that shouldn’t be a problem since you’ll be going out to show off your new lashes anyhow! After these first few hours, you of course can go back to your regular exercising, makeup/skincare application, and the rest of your beautiful, fun lifestyle of course!

There are, however, just a few do’s and don’ts you should follow the entire time you have your lashes! While they are simple, they are super necessary in order to have the most longevity to your lashes and to prevent any irritation or loss to come up!

Use disposable “spoolie” brushes to comb through and style your lashes gently in the morning and before bed every day.
CLEAN YOUR LASHES! Whether you wear a ton of makeup every day, or none at all, it is vital to use the Xtreme Lashes Cleanser to spray on your lashes and then gently use fingers or Xtreme applicators to break down and remove makeup and buildup on the lashes every single day to prevent irritation or loss of lashes.
Still wear and enjoy your regular makeup, but use mascaras and eye products that are oil-free.
Consider using Xtreme’s “Protective Coating” once or twice a week if you participate in activities that involve excessive water, steam, or perspiration, or simply for a better hold of protection for your lashes.
Still use your regular lash serums/conditioners that are oil-free, such as our Grande Lash serum. Your lashes still need and want this nourishment!
Try to sleep on your side or back, not with your face in the pillow. This just allows for more fallouts.
Always be gentle on your eyes and lashes!

DON’T go to bed with residue on your lashes, without cleaning them, or without combing/brushing them out gently!
DON’T be aggressive with your lashes, whether with your fingers or tools/brushes!
DON’T rub your eyes! Not only will you pull lash extensions out, as well as your natural lashes, but you don’t want to see the effects of aging on the delicate skin around your eyes anyhow!
DON’T use products OR cleansers with OILS in them on or around your eyes and lashes. This one is very important, as the oils, even if a small ingredient in your eye cream or mascara, will break down the glue and you will lose your lashes quickly!
DON’T use waterproof eyeliners or mascara for the same reason!
DON’T try to pull any lashes on or out! You will damage your natural lashes!

Products We Recommend Having While You Enjoy Your Lash Extensions
Xtreme’s Eye Makeup Remover and Facial Cleanser- Although there ARE a few makeup removers out there that contain ZERO oils, we recommend Xtreme’s own, as it is incredibly easy to use, and also very efficient at cleansing and removing makeup on the whole face and eyes!
Lash Styling Wands/Spoolies- These little brushes are vital in the styling and grooming of your gorgeous lashes! Xtreme has their own, but you can also find similar and effective ones on Amazon or at any cosmetics store!
Xtreme Length & Volume Mascara- we really LOVE this mascara whether you have lash extensions or not, but it is indeed designed for Xtreme Lashes and is of course ingredient-friendly!
Xtreme Liquid Liner and Glideliners- Xtreme has a SUPER nice liquid eyeliner and a lovely range of colors of their pencil Glideliners that we sell and love, and your lash extensions will love them too!

None of these products are NECESSARY of course, you can substitute all of them for oil-free, non-waterproof products you love already, but they ARE approved and loved by all of us at MAC’s through our own personal experiences with our lash extensions!

We hope this quick refresher guide on the aftercare of lash extensions has been helpful and assuring that you truly will fall in LOVE with your lash extensions, and that the care necessary to keep them thriving beautifully between fills is so simple and nothing to fear!

Call 412-515-3802 today to book your appointment for a set of lashes for the holidays! We can’t wait to see you!! <3

~ Abby


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