Sugar Scrub, Salt Scrub, and Floral Salt Soak!

Oct 2, 2019 | Daily Blogs | 0 comments

Just when you thought MAC’s couldn’t possibly fit another amazing product on their shelves, we did!! Our new scrubs and soaks are all natural and ready to fulfill your relaxation needs! They are handmade by the small company “Native Nectar Botanicals”.

There are two options when it comes to the scrubs. There is the “Siren of the Sea”, which is the salt scrub; and the Hibiscus and Blood Orange” which is the sugar scrub. They’re made with exotic florals and sultry citrus along with naturals sugars and salts. The nourishing oils leave your skin hydrating and glowing.

The two scents for the floral salt soaks are “Matcha and Calendula” and “Hibiscus and Orange Blossom”. They use aroma therapy to relax your mind and ease your stress. They’re made wit sea salt, green tea, dried Calendula flowers, and essential oils.

I absolutely love these products and recommend them for everyone!!


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