Luscious, Healthy Hair!

Oct 2, 2019 | Specials | 0 comments

With Abby blogging about the best ways to keep nails healthy, I figured I would stick to the theme and talk about healthy hair tricks! We spend so much money at the salon and on products, tools, accessories, etc. but how much time do we dedicate to hair care? Here is how you achieve healthy hair:

Start with a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy food EVERY day!! This will work wonders on everything; hair, skin, nails, mood. Try eating your fruits and veggies every. single. day… Next, try using heat protectant when using any type of hot tool on your hair. When using tools like that, use them on low or medium heat at most. The last thing you want to do is fry your hair! Keep your hair clean, wash regularly. Clean your hair with a shampoo & conditioner that have more benefits to your hair than just cleaning it. Deep condition or do a hair mask when it starts to feel dry or look cracked. When you’re brushing out knots, be gentle. Try not to tear or rip your hair. Get regular trims. Trims can literally be less than an inch. Don’t stress! just be happy and flaunt your amazing, healthy hair.


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