Microcurrent Miracle!

Sep 25, 2019 | Specials | 0 comments

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! Today I’m gonna talk about a miracle treatment: Microcurrent. If you read these blogs, I’m sure you’ve been to MAC’s for a product or service at some point or maybe even regularly. But, have you tried our Microcurrent facial? Microcurrent’s popularity is growing rapidly and for good reasons. It gets rid of wrinkles and fine lines, improves muscle tone in face and neck, improves circulation, improves skin pigment and helps with sun damage, and promotes lymphatic drainage.

Let’s talk about the most important reason to get microcurrent, lymphatic drainage. Your lymphatic system works with your circulatory system to take nutrients, oxygen, and hormones from your blood to the rest of your cells. Keeping up with the health of your lymphatic system is vital to your skin’s health. It gets clogged up with toxins and doesn’t produce new healthy cells quick enough. Get rid of those sleepy, stressed out bags underneath of your eyes. Get a microcurrent facial! The way Microcurrent works is actually really unique and interesting. It sends really low amounts of electric currents through your skin and stimulates the muscle. It drains your skin of all the damaging toxins that are usually stuck in there.

Getting the microcurrent is one of the best things you could do if you’re someone who really cares about skin. Call MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio and schedule yours today!


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