Personal Experience/Review: Getting Lash Extensions for Vacation

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Hello!  My name is Abby and I’m the receptionist of MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio!  Today I really thought it would be interesting to share my personal experience getting lash extensions for the first time as well as how I LOVED them and how they saved my life when I went to the beach!

I have worked at MAC’s for a year or so now and I somehow managed to never get lash extensions until about a month ago!  I am a HUGE makeup lover, enthusiast, collector, as well as a daily full glam makeup wearer preferably, and I have always LOVED wearing strip lashes to jazz up my pin-straight, boring, natural lashes!  Naturally, strip lashes take time, effort, and precision, as well as preparedness for them to occasionally not wear the best and start lifting up throughout the day. This is especially more likely to happen in the summer heat, let alone when one is swimming, but I was always willing to work around it and deal with it.

I was planning a trip to the beach for early August, AND I have always wanted to know what lash extensions really were like, so I saw no better time to get them than this time!  I was a bit nervous, for different reasons- for the fact that my eyes are EXTREMELY sensitive and allergy/irritation/reaction prone, so of course that was a concern, and I was also nervous that as someone who loves to use a very wide array and amount of skincare and makeup products (especially eye makeup) that I would somehow manage to destroy them.  I decided to get a set in just enough time to where I could test them out, and if all went well, get a fill right before the trip.

I absolutely loved the process and had ZERO trouble with my sensitive eyeballs during or after the application!  Maria made my set of volume lashes SO gorgeous! Cleaning them was a breeze with the Xtreme brand cleanser, even when wearing a ton of eye makeup, and throughout my nearly THREE weeks of having my full set of volume lashes, I had NO trouble and rather MORE ease in my routines with my lashes!  I didn’t even feel the need to put falsies on top as I feared I may, and on days where I wore little or no makeup, it was so cool to actually see voluminous, fluffy, curly lashes rather than my tiny stick lashes I was used to! (ATTACHED IMAGE IS MY ACTUAL TRANSFORMATION!) My lash extensions NEVER interfered with my glasses, and in fact, looked beautiful on days that I wore my glasses!  Naturally, I was loving my lash extensions and planned to get a fill right before my trip. Here’s where the benefits of them on the beach come in.

I’m not the kind of gal who likes to roll out with a plain face, even if it’s to go swim.  I don’t feel like my true self with nothing to jazz up my look! With my lash extensions freshly and beautifully filled by Shana, I NEVER even wore mascara ONCE on any of the 5 days of my vacation!  When waking up to go to the beach, I felt like a natural, glowing, mermaid queen with my lashes, and let me tell you, did that save me so much time and add more time to be on the beach! With the way I felt no need to wear mascara on the beach, I could comfortably go through my day NEVER having to worry about flakes or smears of mascara (even waterproof can do it!) or living with the heavy feeling that makeup covered in saltwater gives your face.  After a day of swimming, relaxing, and boogie boarding with no worries, both I AND my boyfriend was so grateful I didn’t feel the need to take so long getting ready as usual when we went out at night! EVen if I put a light and quick amount of makeup on, I saved so much time and effort from not wanting to apply mascara, let alone false lashes! And in the heat, I didn’t have to worry about annoying inner corners of falsies lifting up and providing discomfort.  Overall, my lash extensions made me feel still so pretty and confident no matter how much makeup I wore on the beach, made me so much more comfortable, and saved me so much time getting ready, and allowed more quality time for vacation experiences!


If you have never had the chance or even desire to get lash extensions, I wholeheartedly recommend trying them out, even if it is simply for a trip you’re taking or an event!  I promise they will make your daily routines so much easier and make you feel so confident and beautiful! Our lash stylists will design your lashes to be perfectly suited for you and your liking, and you will love every second of the process just as I did!


~ Abby




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