More on eyelash lift & tints – the more natural alternative to eyelash extensions

Aug 7, 2019 | Daily Blogs | 0 comments

Eyelash extensions are beautiful, we all know this. Although sometimes we are looking for a more natural way to give our eyelashes some definition. One way to achieve this look is by getting an eyelash lift & tint. 

    Eyelash lift & tints do not take as much maintenance as eyelash extensions and can be just as gorgeous. Like eyelash extensions, lift & tints can make your morning routine faster and more enjoyable. No need for an eyelash curler or mascara, your eyelashes will achieve that look all on their own! 

    As well as providing natural beauty, eyelash lift & tints will not cause any damage to your eyelashes. They are also suitable for short lashes which allows this treatment to be accessible to anyone! They are gentle on your lashes and provide definition to what you already have. As opposed to eyelash extensions which cover your natural lashes. 

    Another great benefit to lift & tints are that they require minimal aftercare. Just stay away from water, wearing mascara, and going to any sort of steam room for the first 24 hours, which are crucial. This treatment will last you around 6-8 weeks. Lift & tints are perfect for anyone who cannot keep up with the maintenance of eyelash extensions or if you have had a reaction to them in the past. 

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