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    Attention to all of our fellow skincare and/or Eminence Organics addicts and appreciators!  Eminence just recently launched a new line of body skincare products this summer, and you may recognize the infamous, iconic, fresh scent of Stone Crop!  We are so excited about these new products that get to treat your skin all over, and we wanted to share a bit about what they are and what they do for you!

Stone Crop Body Lotion

This body lotion is not a part of the new Stone Crop body collection, but it IS important to give some credit and knowledge on the body lotion that everyone loves so much and has loved for so long!  Not only does this body lotion moisturize and refresh your skin, but the Stone Crop ingredient works to lighten any freckles and pigmentation on your body! The lotion is extremely cooling and hydrating, working wonderfully any time of year, and leaving your skin with a moderately dewy finish!

Stone Crop Body Oil

The first product in the new body collection that we wanted to talk about and share with you is the Stone Crop Body Oil!  With the same heavenly scent, this body oil contains Arnica, which works to reduce inflammation and the appearance of stretch marks while the Stone Crop Juice and Rosehip Oil work to brighten and even the skin tone.  The Arnica in this oil even works to help ease muscle and joint pain. This amazing oil absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it with a refreshing, satin-matte finish, never leaving you feeling greasy.

Stone Crop Contouring Body Cream

Yet another new, game-changing body skincare product, the Contouring Body Cream is not just like any other body lotion.  The Stone Crop ingredients of course work to brighten, hydrate, and even the skin tone, but this cream also contains shea butter, coffee extract, and microalgae extract that are proven to increase circulation in the skin and reduce cellulite, therefore tightening and “contouring” problem areas on your body!  This incredible cream can be used all over or as a targeted treatment on the thighs, abdomen, backs of arms, hips, or anywhere else!

Stone Crop Revitalizing Body Scrub

Something very often looked over is the care of the body’s skin during its cleansing!  Eminence has your back (perhaps literally) with the Revitalizing Body Scrub! This unique, creamy foam, deep exfoliating body scrub contains raw sugar granules and rock salt, which work to deeply exfoliate the skin, removing any dead skin cells.  Stone Crop, green tea, lemon peel, and turmeric all work to nourish, hydrate, tone, and brighten the skin, leaving your whole body feeling fresher than ever, especially when topped with any of the aforementioned Stone Crop moisturizing body care products!

Here at MAC’s, the Stone Crop products that Eminence releases are some of our all-time favorites, and staple products, both in your facials here and in our own skincare routines!  The Stone Crop line is an incredible gift choice or just a general line that works for EVERYONE, no matter your gender, especially with such a fresh and incredible scent! We hope you’re feeling inspired to stop into MAC’s to learn more about the Stone Crop collection from Eminence Organics, pick some up for yourself, and check out our facial treatments that include these and so many other wonderful products from Eminence Organics!

~ Abby


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