All About Lip Thread Lifts & How They Compare to Lip Fillers

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All About Lip Threading: Similar to Lip Fillers!

As you likely know, we are proud to say we have the amazing Dr. Parry with us at MAC’s to help you with all of your lip/botox/filler needs!  If you’ve ever been a bit interested in lip filler, but just can’t quite convince yourself to get them, you may be even more interested in lip THREADS!  We’d love to shed some light on this procedure, and let you know how they differ from lip fillers!

The main difference between lip fillers and lip thread lifts is that fillers add volume through shaping and lifting of the lips, while threading adds definition through simply lifting the lips.  Regular lip fillers involve the injections of hyaluronic acid-based fillers into the lips for a semi-permanent filling, plumping effect. Lip thread lifts involve the insertion of PDO suture threads beneath the skin around the borders of the lips to lift the cupid’s bow area and other borders of the lips to hold up that skin like a scaffold.  This stimulates a modest production of collagen in these areas, raising and defining the outline of your lips. Think of it as a semi-permanent pigmentless lip liner with a little extra lift!

This treatment on average will take only around 30 minutes of your day to make your lips defined, lifted, and just how you want them!  The results will last six months to a year, and the healing process is fairly relaxing and similar to lip fillers.

Dr. Parry is highly trained, certified, and experienced in not only dentistry, but also cosmetic procedures including botox, Juvederm filler, lip thread lifts, and other cosmetic procedures.  He is now booking clients for these services for August 30th at MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio! Call 412-515-3802 to schedule today!


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