Why You NEED to Switch to an All-Natural Deodorant for Your Body’s Health

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    Everybody sweats!  Whether you’re an avid athlete/gym frequent, or you’re just out in the summer sun, sweating isn’t easy to get around, however, it is important to recognize that sweating is HEALTHY and NECESSARY for your health!  It is the body’s way of regulating body temperature and releasing unwanted toxins from the body! The body ODOR produced is not directly from your sweat (salt and water) but rather when your sweat meets the bacteria living on your skin.

Many people don’t know that regular deodorants and antiperspirants are often doing more harm than good for your sweating and your body.  They most often work by closing off your pores and letting the sweat your body still wants to naturally create as well as unwanted oils and dirt to sit TRAPPED under your skin!  This can cause irritation, bumpy skin, and razor burn!

Essentially, regular deodorants and antiperspirants can make sweating even WORSE rather than better.  This buildup comes with MORE bacteria on the skin which, in turn, makes any odor problems even worse.

Aluminum.  If you have heard much about the recent epiphanies of many when it comes to the downsides of chemical deodorants, the first thing likely mentioned was aluminum.  Regular deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum compounds which, in their simplest negative, can cause acidic reactions to fabric, causing unwanted sweat stains.  Even more important than stains, these compounds have been linked to Alzheimer’s. These chemicals have also been shown possible to be absorbed through the skin since they are applied topically every day and near the breasts, which can lead to estrogen-like hormonal effects.  This is also likely the reason there are many claims that these aluminum chemicals can lead to breast cancer. There are other toxic chemicals found in many deodorants that have even been linked to infertility.

How do natural deodorants work?

    Good news!  Natural deodorants do NOT close or clog the pores like most antiperspirants!  Instead, they work to eradicate the odor-causing bacteria! By killing this bacteria, sweat has nothing to react with and therefore produces no more odor!  Different natural deodorants will have different ingredients, but some common ones include baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and magnesium oxide, which have been proven to be extremely effective in killing the odor-causing bacteria on the skin!  Many natural deodorants will contain coconut oil, other oils and butters, and essential oils that are simply wonderful for your skin and health, but also help the natural deodorant to properly be absorbed into the skin!

Just a few more benefits of natural deodorants (aside from the incredible gratitude your body and health will have) include less body odor when you aren’t even wearing deodorant since the good bacteria can keep working and less irritation and bumps, and in turn a closer shave that lasts longer.  Some ingredients, like witch hazel, which you may find in your deodorant will shrink the pores, decreasing or getting rid of razor burn problems!

When making the switch to natural deodorant it is important to note that everyone’s body chemistries are different, so like any other skin related product, it may take a few different finds and tries of different natural deodorants to find the one that is right for you!  It is also important to note that the body CAN and WILL become, in a sense, dependent on antiperspirants containing aluminum, and therefore will go through a bit of a detox of these chemicals. So if you are noticing a new feeling or minor irritation on your armpits for the first week or two, you know why!  Sometimes you may even notice an odor when using your natural deodorant at first, but don’t always assume this means that particular deodorant is a dud! When taking your body off of the aluminum-containing, chemical deodorants, there will be an increase in production of the bacteria that cause body odor. Sometimes it can take a few weeks for you to notice your natural deodorant to fully be working, especially the whole day long, but your skin, sweat, odor, and health will thank you forever!

We recommend always doing your research before trying a specific new product. Some brands even have versions of their natural deodorant for different skin types, including sensitive!

~ Abby


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  1. Fanny

    Bacteria are essential to our health. We all have our own ecosystem of bacteria and other microorganisms that live on the skin – trillions of them in fact – collectively known as the microbiome. It serves a very important purpose acting as our first line of defense against pathogens reducing the chance for infections. The skin microbiome also keeps the skin barrier intact, protects it from inflammation, balances the pH of the skin, among so many other things. Antiperspirants block pores to prevent sweat to come out but they also have a negative impact on the skin microbiome, especially on friendly bacteria. Traditional deodorants basically work like weapons of mass destruction, wiping out both the good and the bad odor-causing bacteria on the skin with antimicrobials and alcohol. Natural deodorants too disturb the skin microbiome and the acid mantle with ingredients such as baking soda. Moreover, most of those products try to mask body odor with fragrances or essentials oils, which contain allergens. If you want a truly safe deodorant that is natural, effective, fragrance-free, and works with your skin microbiome – not against it.


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