All About Makeup Primers and Why You NEED Them in Your Routine!

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    If you are any sort of beauty enthusiast and especially if you wear makeup, you have likely heard the term “primer” when talking about a beauty routine.  Many people think primer is unnecessary, whether for the face or eyes, if their makeup tends to wear nicely by itself. But we are here to tell you that primers can change your LIFE and make your makeup application, wear, and texture so much better while also being extremely helpful and beneficial for your SKIN!

Not only is there a primer to fit your makeup wear needs and make things LOOK nice, but with the proper primer, your skin itself will be thanking you!  Whether you pay attention to the ingredients in your makeup or not, it is evidently a substance you are laying on your face to merge with your skin all day.  Naturally, your skin wants some weight lifted off of it shoulders! Primers can create a healthy barrier between makeup and your skin, working harder to prevent sensitivity and breakouts!  Not to mention the fact that your makeup will lay flawlessly, which is often especially challenging in the summer heat!

There are hundreds of different types of primers. First, we can talk about full face primers!

  • Blurring/ Pore Filling Primers (NOT Silicone based!)

There are so many primers and products on the market that will help blur over any texture or enlarged pores so that your makeup goes on extra smooth.  Many of these, however, contain silicone as the ingredient that fills the pore. It is good to avoid such products, as silicone lies on top of pores and traps dirt and sebum underneath.  Regular use of these silicone-based products will actually ENLARGE pores and even perhaps cause acne due to all of the trapped dirt, sebum, and other unwanted gunk in your pores already. Because silicone will seal things off in a nearly plastic-like manor, this ingredient can even STRETCH your pores!  There are many primers out there that can help you achieve the blurred flawless effect without silicone, like Eminence Organics’ Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer!

  1. Moisturizing/ Luminous Primers

If you have dryer skin and are trying to combat the dry patches or dullness, there are moisturizing primers and even primer oils that are designed to give your skin the utmost hydration, while locking in your makeup for the whole day!  The Hangover RX Primer from Too Faced is incredible for those with drier skin, just as the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir is a wonderful oil primer for those with clinically dry skin depleted of oils, not just dehydrated. The HydroGrip Primer from Milk Makeup is another incredible hydrating primer, especially for those who want their foundation to have a stunning, dewy finish!  Despite the dewy effect, this primer’s gripping action keeps makeup untouched and in place all day. There are also primers out there with a bit of shimmer and sheen within them for those who love the “glow-from-within” look! Guerlain has a primer called L’Or 24k Gold Radiance Primer that delivers this effect, as well as Smashbox’s Photo Finish Radiance Primer.

  1. Mattifying Primers

If you have oilier skin, there are so many primers out there that work to control those oils, keep them at bay under your makeup, and keep your makeup velvety and flawless.  Even if your skin isn’t excessively oily, you may find that you prefer your makeup to have a more matte look in general, and a mattifying primer paired with the proper setting powder can help you achieve just the effect you were going for!  Fenty Beauty has a primer called the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer, which is designed for people with oilier skin! (Coming from this writer who just so happens to have dryer skin, this primer works wonders either way if you want a matte look to your foundation, without clinging to dry patches or further drying out your skin!)  Smashbox’s Oil & Shine Control Primer also is designed to help very oily people stay mattified and flawless throughout the day! Cover FX even has a primer called the Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment!

When looking into face primers, these three broad generalizations on types of primers are not the ONLY three types out there.  With some research and window shopping, you will find the infinite amount of primers out there that combine multiple of these qualities or goals, such as a blurring, luminous primer, or a gripping, hydrating primer, etc.  Many brands have primers that even act as skin treatments and skincare products, so they literally treat your skin as you wear them! Another incredible benefit to wearing primer is how many there are out there that have SPF included in them, so you won’t have to worry about sunscreen negatively affecting your makeup!

Eye primers are not a necessity to everyone, but they absolutely have their benefits!  Do you find that your eyeshadow is not as pigmented as you would like it to be, or as it looks on the palette?  Do you find that your eyeshadow is creasing, fading, moving around, or falling down onto your face throughout the day?  An eyeshadow primer can save the day when it comes to these problems!

There are many sheer eye primers out there, which many people love!  They can even out the tone of your eyelids and provide a grip for your shadows to hold onto to prevent them from moving around!  Some wonderful primers like this are the Xtreme Lashes Glideshadow Primer and the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Amplifying Eye Primer! If you are more of an intense, bolder eyeshadow lover, you may want to try out an eye primer with coverage!  This will create a perfect, flat, blank canvas of color for the shadows to attach to, look bolder and even, blend better, and wear better! Some cool tips for shadow lovers and these types of primer would be to not set the primer with any powders after applied to your eyes, but rather apply the shadows directly to the wet base for the MOST pigmentation!  Also, try getting a primer shade that is a bit lighter than your complexion to really make those shadows POP! Urban Decay has a fabulous range of eye primers from the Original Primer Potion that is more on the sheerer side, to an anti-aging primer, to the Primer Potion in the shade Eden for a medium coverage. For the fullest coverage and maximum wear and blendability, I would recommend the P. Louise Eye Base or the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer!

Since eye primer helps with the blendability, pigmentation, and wear of your eyeshadow, you will habitually need to use LESS of your product because of the greater ease you will have!  Not to mention that eye primers protect your eyes and skin around them, some even with anti-aging or hydrating properties!

We strongly encourage any beauty enthusiast or makeup lover/wearer to look into a primer that is just right for their skin to see its amazing benefits, as well as eyeshadow primers if they would like to get the most quality out of their eyeshadow and eyeshadow looks!

Happy Beautification!

~ Abby


MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio


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