Xtreme Glideshadow Sticks: Review and Mini-Tutorial

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    We are so excited to say we now carry a new collection of makeup from Xtreme Lashes! And they are known as the *drumroll* Xtreme Glideshadow Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks!  These shadow sticks come in different formulas, both satin and matte. There are 11 beautiful, versatile shades and a primer!

I wanted to share my experience with these shadows and using them, and essentially provide you with a review of them coming from a crazy makeup enthusiast, collector, and blogger.  I had the opportunity to use these shadows to create the very glam, smokey makeup look attached to this post, and I’d love to go through my steps of using the shadows and how I felt about each one along the way!

  • To start my look, I used a primer of my own.  This collection does come with a primer stick meant to work the very best with these shadow sticks and keep application smooth and easy and keep them lasting flawlessly all day!
  • I applied the matte shade “Nude” all over the lid as a base for the other shadows to blend the best.
  • I then used the satin shade “Rose” which is a beautiful light pink-toned shimmer shade on the lid of my eye from the inner corner of it to two-thirds of the way across.  This shade makes any look POP and look super glam!
  • Then I placed the satin shade “Bronze” on the outer third or slightly less than the third of my eye and used a small, flat brush with no product on it to pat the two shimmer shades together, and they truly blend beautifully and look STUNNING together!
  • Next, I took the matte shade “Sienna,” which is a gorgeous golden chestnut shade and I lined my upper and lower lash lines thickly and lightly brought the shade up higher on the outer corner of my eye and up into the crease of my eye for some smokiness and dimension to the look.  I used a dense, small blending brush to blend this out and used a tad bit of a matte powder shadow of a similar color to better set this and further smooth out the blend. I used an angled brush to smudge up the “liner” on my upper lash line as well as to blend and smoke out the shadow on the lower lash line.
  • I then grabbed another matte shade, “Mahogany,” which is a beautiful, deep warm-toned brown, and lined my eye again, but kept in more opaque and closer to the lash line, both on the upper and lower ones.  As I did with the previous shade, I brought this shade up on the outer corner and portion of my eye in a wing form, as well as very slightly up into the crease deepening it out for more dimension within. I used my angled brush that I had used for “Sienna” and used patting motions to keep the maximum opacity of the shade, while also blending it into “Sienna” and not as high as that shade or the matte powder shade.  “Mahogany” as well as the other dark shades in the range of Glideshadows work AMAZINGLY as eyeliners and when blended out a bit, they can make such a simple, but smokey and sultry look!
  • Lastly, I applied the satin shade, “Champagne” which is a gorgeous white gold highlight shade, on the innermost corner of my eye by my tear duct for a nice highlight focus.

It is not often that you see any product like an eyeshadow STICK, let alone something of the sort that would work so well for everyone, in so many different ways!  I would recommend these shadows to anyone, whether you like a simple, light shimmer swiped across the lid, soft but pretty contoured eyes, full smokey dramatic eye makeup, or even just a simple but gorgeous blended smoked out liner!  They are extremely easy to use and work with, easy to carry around for travel or touch-ups if absolutely necessary, with a wonderful shade range that all wear perfectly on the eyes!

Come check out the new line of Xtreme Lashes Glideshadow at MAC’s today!

~ Abby


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