Make Your Summer Beauty Routine Simple with Lash Extensions!

May 30, 2019 | Daily Blogs | 0 comments

    SUMMER IS NEARLY HERE, FRIENDS!  We know that summertime often presents our lives with even more events, trips, vacations, and special occasions than any other time of year.  Keeping these busy, memorable times in mind, we all love to be and FEEL extra gorgeous every day of the summer, but that isn’t always so easy when time is more sparse. Not to mention with some makeup, it’s hard for many people to find the right products that STAY ON throughout the heat and maybe even water, and many people don’t like to have makeup on their face when outside in the hot weather!  You would be amazed at how much lash extensions can SAVE your summer life!

The eyes are the feature that tends to stand out the most to people, and they also are the feature that people love to enhance and decorate the most!  Whether your natural eyelashes are short and straight, or longer and curled, you KNOW how satisfying it is when you find the right products and mascaras that can enhance them just how you like.  Whether you’re makeup obsessed, and love full-glam, or love the most natural looks, lashes are the ONE thing s that everyone can’t deny is an essential.

In the summertime, putting on a bit of mascara can be a simple, easy, lovely step to take when getting ready for anything, but you may often struggle with them flaking or smudging off in the heat or water, and waterproof mascaras clumping and ripping out your lashes.  You can EASILY get rid of these struggles and enhance your lashes in a look that mascara can NEVER truly achieve with a set of our Xtreme lash extensions!

Our incredibly talented lash stylists will make your lashes perfect to YOUR eyes and liking, whether it comes to length, density, curl, dramaticness and style. With them, you can wake up with your lashes looking natural, healthy, bold, and STUNNING, with no need for mascara if you so choose not to use it!  Our clients absolutely love their lashes the most when going on vacation, because lashes are that one little extra beauty addition that will make you feel glammed up even for a day at the pool or beach without having to fuss with smearing, flaking, or clumpy mascaras!

Your Xtreme lash extensions will last 2-3 weeks with proper care, which is perfect for a summer “Treat-Yourself” present or for a trip or chain of occasions!

Call 412-704-5259 with pricing inquiries, any other inquiries about our lash extension services, and to schedule an appointment today so you can flutter the summer days away fabulously!

~ Abby


MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio


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