Believe It or Not: MEN Need Skincare TOO!

May 21, 2019 | Daily Blogs | 0 comments

    It’s 2019 and at this point in our time as a human race on this Earth, the concept of toxic masculinity should be only a thing of the past!  Rather than scoffing at the idea of taking part in a skincare routine as a man, consider the reality that men NEED to take care of their skin just as much as, and in some cases and reasons, more than women!

Did you know that men’s pores are often more open, making them more susceptible to accumulating bacteria, dealing with inflammation, and producing comedones ad redness associated with acne?  Although anyone can be at different levels of susceptibility to acne, men and women are affected in different ways. Starting at puberty, men develop more androgen hormones which stimulate oil production glands.  This hormone, in turn, can oftentimes make men experience longer and more severe cases of acne and can be more susceptible to scarring as well.

Men also have higher sebum levels than women, which is yet another factor that can make them more susceptible to oiliness, acne, clogged pores, blackheads, and irritation.

The composition of men’s skin is also naturally tougher and rougher than that of a woman’s, which can make men more prone to deeper, more intense facial wrinkles with aging.

In the wise words of Smokey Bear, “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires.”  Therefore taking these factors as well as so many more potential concerns for one’s skin no matter the gender after even some quick research, everyone should implement a thorough skincare routine! Thorough does NOT have to mean LENGTHY or even expensive!

With a bit of research into the products one is looking to implement into their own regimens, a simple but effective routine can easily be established, especially for men! One essential thing to have is products with SPF, both for the face and body.  Not only men, but also women can sometimes take the stubborn route when it comes to sunscreen but to prevent damage, aging, and even skin diseases that are so much easier to reach your skin in just a bit of sun without SPF for protection. An effective moisturizer should also be essential in everyone’s routine including men’s!  Look into organic moisturizers with GOOD ingredients for YOUR skin type, whether more oily or dry. An exfoliant is also important, whether a chemical exfoliating treatment (those who are desiring a simpler route may like these easy to use products) or a gritty exfoliant for extra effectiveness at clearing and removing the skin. There are infinite serums and treatments and masks that men can and NEED to use on the occasion to keep their skin looking and feeling it’s very best for longer and longer in life, and many only require very spread out easy upkeep!

Check out our website for the amazing services we can offer you or any men in your life to help show them the importance of skincare!  Also, check out our line of skincare that we carry, Eminence Organics, which is full of easy to use skincare products made JUST for you, your skin, and your skin’s needs with amazing ingredients!

Also consider giving the gift of knowledge, treatments, and/or products in skincare to a man in your life this Father’s Day!

~ Abby


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