Creative Easter Basket Ideas

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    With Easter coming this weekend, some of us may be doing some last minute preparations of gifts for friends and family!  With Easter comes the traditional symbol affiliated with it, which is the Easter basket from the Easter bunny! Become your own most creative Easter bunny when giving to ANYONE and assemble things with some of these fun ideas!

  1. Color Themed Basket

This theme is amazing for people of all ages to receive!  Gather a basket or tote of a specific color, pick up some craft “Easter grass” of the same color, and then fill the rest of the basket on top of the grass with accents and things of the same color or scheme.  An example would be filling a yellow basket with fake sunflowers and yellow Easter grass, and then accessories, toys, knick-knacks, or candy that are mostly yellow on top!

2. Candy Themed Basket

If your gift recipient is a fan of candy, you could fill a small basket with things all thematic to their all-time favorite!  For example, if they adore M&M’s, don’t only fill the basket with M&M’s, but add some rainbow grass to match the colors of the M&M’s, perhaps throw in different kinds and flavors of them, and maybe even an M&M plushie!  This sweet basket theme is sure to evoke some smiles!

3. A “Day Outside”  Basket

Inspire your gift recipient to get out and enjoy the lovely spring weather!  I know as a child, receiving things like outdoor games, bubbles, chalk, jump ropes, etc. on Easter was one of the BEST things ever!  Fill a whole basket with these sorts of things to do outside on a nice day, and it is sure to make a child ecstatic to get off of their technology and enjoy a day outside!

4. Art Dabbler’s Basket

If you plan on giving a gift to someone who loves to channel their inner artist this Easter, consider making a basket dedicated solely to the passion!  You can fill it with supplies, (even cheap ones from the dollar store) such as paints, crafts, supplies for a craft, pencils, sketchbooks, mini sketchbooks, etc.!

5. A Relaxation Basket

We LOOOOVE this idea here at MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio!  Everyone deserves to treat themselves, especially this beautiful, growth-filled time of year!  Fill a basket with skincare products, face masks, hand masks, hair treatments, massagers, scrubbers, and anything else that will help the one to whom you are giving to pamper themselves in so many ways!

We hope these few ideas for Easter baskets inspire you to get creative when giving gifts to a loved one this Easter season!  Happy Spring!



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