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Have you seen the new jelly masks taking over social media?! If you haven’t gazed upon these jelly mask gems, I’ll wait while you go and search for it frantically on Google.


Are you ready for some even better news?! Mac’s Lash and Skin is now carrying these wonderful masks!  Here is a little break down on each mask and what results you can expect to experience after you’ve treated yourself.

Re6tense Mask: This masks uses kiwi, poppy seeds and seaweed extract to refresh and firm the skin.  The kiwi is used primarily as the firming and refreshing agent while the poppy seeds aid in relaxation and the seaweed extract works as a humectant to retain moisture in the skin.  This is targeted to those individuals that have more flaccid skin and are looking for a mask to really tighten up their skin.

Goji Mask:  This gem of a mask aid in balancing the skin.  Utilizing goji berries for antioxidant treatments, quinoa for vitamins and seaweed for moisture, this mask is going to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier against free radicals and help to balance and protect your skin on a deeper level.  After a treatment with this mask, you can expect to experience more rested, protected skin. Who doesn’t want that?!

Golden Mask:  GLOW BABY GLOW!  This mask is used to revitalize and firm the skin leaving you with the most gorgeous glow.  This mask is great for any and all skin types and utilizes algae extracts and various different minerals to moisturize and revitalize the skin, all while you’re dripping (literally) in gold.

Vitamin Vegetable Mask:  Used as an energizing mask, the vitamin vegetable jelly mask is great for energizing the skin and helps to reduce the visible signs of aging.  Safe for all skin types, this mask uses orange and dill to deliver a healthy and maximum dose of vitamin C and utilizes seaweed extract to help trap moisture on the skin.  The elasticity of the skin will be greatly improved and your skin will thank you by giving you a healthy, wonderful glow.

Reaffirming Mask:  This jelly mask is great for those of us who struggle with combination, oily or acne prone skin.  Although safe for all skin types, this mask targets and works to balance the oils in the skin. The seaweed extract found in this mask works with the body’s natural oils to retain the proper amount of moisture while detoxifying pores.

We’re offering these masks right away here at Mac’s so get your call in so we can schedule you an appointment with our girls for your first, and certainly not your last, jelly mask!




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