What’s New and Exciting in the Nail World: SPRING 2019!

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    SPRING IS OFFICIALLY HERE!  With new seasons comes a lot of fresh, hot trends in fashion of course, but also in the NAIL WORLD!  Whether you can be found in the nail salon every two weeks getting a new style, or you just like to get your nails done for holidays or special occasions, you’re definitely going to want to try out some of these popular and beautiful nail styles this spring!

  • Matte Pastel Ombre

Many of us relate springtime with beautiful pastel colors!  Consider Getting a combination of pastel colors ombred on your nails and mattified for an elegant, pleasant look!  The mint pastel color is also trending right now, and when paired with a pastel baby pink or lavender, the mixture is beautiful!

  1. Neons!

Recently, and especially transitioning into the new season, neon nails have been increasing in popularity!  Extreme neon colors like highlighter yellows or electrified blues may seem out of your comfort zone, but they just might be the pizzazz your style has been wanting!  Consider going for more of a cool toned neon for a more unique look, but if that doesn’t fit your style, neon pinks and oranges can be beautiful as well! Many nail artists can even make your neon nails UV activated!

  1. Rainbow Pastels

Once again, pastels are VERY much back in right now!  This year and the prior, people are branching out from each nail being identical and instead making each one simplistically or complexly different.  Consider doing this by rainbowing a different pastel color on each nail! This look is PERFECT for Easter, and is sure to make everyone think of dyed Easter eggs!

  1. Iridescent Pearlescent Vibes

Holographic nails have had their time, but this spring, try out a slightly more muted version of holographic nails and simply get a pearlescent, iridescent finish to your nails!  This overtop of nude shades or pastel pinks is stunning. Add some non-chunky iridescent glitter for extra classy elegance!

  1. Flowers and Nature Details

If you are into a bit more “extra” or designed nails, not only flowers as one could assume, but nature-type designs are very trendy at this time!  Have your nail technician paint some beautiful tulips, daisies, orchids, lilacs, etc. on your nails to truly ring in the beauteous natural world of spring!  Even light leaves or grasses incorporated can be the perfect addition to any color, pastels, or nudes especially! Some nail technicians even have quality nail stickers of these beautiful flowers and plants or even ways of making tiny 3-D flowers to decorate your nails.

We hope your spring has already been a beautiful time of growth, fresh hope, and light, and that it only gets better and better from here.  We also hope you’re as in love with these nail ideas and trends as much as we are and that you have everyone in awe with these ideas this spring and Easter season!


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