LASH MANIA – Happy National Eyelash Day!

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    Happy National Eyelash Day from all of us at MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio!  In honor of this awesome holiday and lashes themselves, we wanted to refresh you on the gorgeous transformations we can give your lashes!

Lash Extensions

Ask the bulk of our clientele and they will certainly tell you of their obsessions and addictions to our lash extensions!

  • When you come in for your first full set of lashes, our experienced, talented stylists will design the perfect style of lash set for you, based off of your own preferences as well as the ones that will work the best for your face and natural lashes!
  • The first appointment usually takes up to 2 and a half hours, and you can come back every 2-3 weeks for a refill that only takes  60-75 minutes!
  • The process of application of your stunning lashes is completely painless and extremely RELAXING!  Some clients prefer to chat with our friendly stylists during the application, but many fall asleep due to the calm relaxation during the procedure and wake up pleasantly shocked and in love with their new lashes!
  • Lash extensions in NO WAY will damage your natural lashes!  If done by a well-trained stylist as ours are, they will judge your natural lashes to determine a length and thickness for each individual lash placed on your own, never too heavy or intense for your lashes to stay healthy and thriving!
  • We use synthetic polyester Xtreme Lashes, which are known to wear better, be stronger, an have the least possible chance of an allergic reaction!
  • Call to schedule to pamper yourself with a new set of lashes, for pricing inquiries, or any other inquiries!

Lash Lift and Tint

  • You’ve likely heard of this newer, up-and-coming procedure on Instagram or Facebook.  This one is for the people who want some extra pizzazz to their lashes but don’t want to dive into the world of lash extensions!
  • This treatment is essentially a perm for your lashes!  We use small silicone rods and an adhesive that lifts your natural lashes from the base of them for a more lengthened and lifted look!  This process takes around an hour and a half and is just as relaxing as the procedure of lash extensions.
  • Directly after the lifting, we can also use a dye made for lashes to darken your lashes.  Overall, you will notice a tremendous difference in how much more open your eyes look!
  • We recommend coming back for relifts around every 6 weeks to keep your best curl!
  • If this is your first lash lift and tint, we recommend you stop in at least 24 hours prior to your procedure for a patch test of the two materials used just to be sure of no allergies.
  • Call to schedule an appointment to give your natural lashes just what they need, for pricing inquiries, or any other inquiries!

Grande Lash

  • Unlike the aforementioned things offered at MAC’s, Grande Lash is not a service we offer, but rather an easy-to-use product that you can purchase and take home to pamper your lashes on your own!
  • This product is a serum that so many of our clients and employees SWEAR by, whether they have lash extensions, lash lifts, or none of the above!
  • This clear-colored serum should be applied to the lash line as you would a normal liquid eyeliner, and it will condition your lashes with vitamins, peptides, amino acids, and other ingredients that will help your lashes to grow abundantly, healthily, and more dramatically within 4-6 weeks.
  • This miracle-working serum retails for $65.00 and will surely amaze you with the results!

We hope you’re now feeling a little extra inspired to pamper and glam up your lashes with us!

Happy National Eyelash Day!


MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio


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