Special Valentine’s Day Gift and Date Ideas! <3

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    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner- a week today in fact!  Many lovebirds are celebrating already this weekend, so we wanted to share some sweet gift and date ideas that are sure to melt your lovebird’s heart!

Certificates of Love

Create little slips that resemble certificates, either digitally or by hand, but they won’t be certificates for any sort of purchased event!  You can designate each certificate to entitle the recipient to things like breakfast in bed, a long hug, movie night, a trip to the park, a picnic, or any other cute thing you can do together!

Container of Appreciation

Take any sort of container, from new gifts like purses or makeup bags to simple, meaningful things you already have, like containers, mason jars, or even a nice vase, and fill it with things you appreciate about your significant other!  Think of all the little things they do that make you happy, as well as the bigger things!

Classic Scrapbook or Photo Collage

Not only will a gift of visual examples of your beautiful memories make your significant other smile, but you will have so much fun reminiscing while creating it!  You could assemble photos you have together, of events you took part in together, or any memories you have in a scrapbook or collage of your creative choices, or even consider decorating with some fairy lights, and clipping photos to the strand of lights to surprise your significant other when they walk in!

A CD of Your Songs

It’s fairly easy to assemble songs and burn a CD with them, using iTunes or another legitimate music source.  Look up a quick tutorial on this and you could make a CD of all the songs your partner and you have shown each other, loved together, or that simply have a special memory or meaning to you both.  Even add some new ones you’ve been wanting to show them, as music speaks wonderful words even if someone is simply excited to show someone!

Personalized Chocolate Box

Instead of a regular valentines day box of chocolates (which are still delicious and wonderful!) consider filling a large chocolate box (you could even make your own!)  with foods or snacks that your significant other loves the most or even ones you can share together for a relaxing movie night!

Funny Valentines

If you’re anything like I am, you might not be the best with actual puns, but there are so many valentines online about anything and everything that are sure to make your partner laugh!  Take a TV show, movie, artist, band, or even activity that your partner or both of you love, and google the valentines that go with that title, and you are sure to find a bunch of clever punny ones you can print out and give your love for a great laugh!

Trip Down Memory Lane

Think back to your first date, or really any memorable place that you haven’t been to with your love in a while that holds a special place in your hearts.  Whether a restaurant or even an experience like ice skating, a specific museum, or park, take a trip there this Valentines Day to reminisce, share stories, and enjoy it over again together!

Create a Masterpiece Together

There are so many ways you can do “Painting With a Twist” at home with your partner and have so much fun doing it!  You don’t have to be an artist to follow any sort of basic idea tutorial and just have fun doing this together! You could collaborate and create something together that merges both of your souls’ work and creativity, or even create your own, but for each other!  The only rule can be that you can’t show each other your masterpiece until you both are finished!

Have a Winter Picnic

We all know the time of year that Valentine’s Day falls on can be quite inconsistent with its weather, and more often not the ideal weather for a picnic.  The kicker is, you can have this picnic in your own home! Surprise your lover with a decorated, festive room however you choose, perhaps with flowers, candles, lights, confetti, etc. and choose your favorite foods to put in a traditional picnic basket.  Take a trip with them to even perhaps your own living room, put a blanket down, and pleasantly shock them with a thoughtful, relaxing, and intimate picnic, even in the middle of winter!

We hope your Valentine’s Day celebrations are filled with nothing but love, security, laugh, and the most beautiful, meaningful memories!


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