Fun Winter Activities for the Whole Family!

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Winter Fun with the Kids!

With expected cold, shorter days, and unexpected blizzards, this time of year may be difficult to keep the kids entertained, but we have your back!  We want to share these 8 super fun things to do with the kids or family in wintertime!

  1. Glowing Snow Paint

Jazz up your new snowman pal, make some artistic designs or messages in the snow with neon, glowing paint for the SNOW!  All you must to do make this paint is add a teaspoon of neon glow paint from the craft store to a squirt bottle and fill the rest of the bottle up with warm water.  Shake the mixture up and your kids and you are ready to design and doodle! UV flashlights make the snow art even more magical!

  1. Colorful Ice Sculptures

You can create beautiful, vibrant sculptures of all shapes and sizes for the snow or to display so easily!  Simply freeze water that has been dyed with food coloring in ice trays, muffin tins, other containers, or even unique molds found at grocery or craft stores!  Your kids are sure to be so proud of their masterpiece sculptures!

  1. Create Swedish Snowball Lanterns

This activity can provide some Swedish history lessons if you so choose, not to mention the kids will create something that everyone is pleased to look at, with snow!  Swedish Snowball Lanterns consist of- you guessed it- SNOWBALLS! STart lining your snowballs up in a circle. Continue this in layers, making the width of each layer smaller with each row, making a tower.  Be sure to leave a place for your hand to place the tealight candle inside. These angelic looking little lantern towers will happily decorate your yard for everyone to appreciate at night!

  1. Puffy Paint Creations

Your children and you can make your own fun, puffy paint with simply water, food coloring, salt, and flour in the microwave!  The children will have so much fun creating their very own medium to squeeze out of bottles to design lovely winter pieces! Check out the “recipe” and directions for this unique paint at

  1.  Go sled riding or tubing.

A day somewhere like Seven Springs would be sure to be a blast for the whole family, but if you don’t have time for the trip, consider a local park or even years to get bundled up and go sledding!  People so often overlook this fun activity, and quite personally I remember sledding with my mom and dog growing up was always the time of my LIFE!

  1. Head to the Library!

This day and age we all are guilty of getting a bit wrapped up in technology, so why not take the kids to your local public library to show them the true magic in the world of books!  You could even take out some books to learn about the winter season, or even just read some fun and festive children’s stories together!

  1.  Go Ice Skating!

Look into a local ice skating rink or arena if you would prefer a more casual trip, or perhaps consider taking a day to spend in the city, where you can all ice skate at PPG Place!  Afterward, you can get some dinner together at one of the many unique restaurants in the area and even some hot cocoa at a coffee shop afterward!

  1.  Take a Trip to a Museum with the Whole Family!

Take a day or a few this winter to go to some of the wonderful museums downtown with the whole family.  The Children’s Museum or the Carnegie Science Center are both tried and true places to go with the kids!  They can even have a lot of fun at the main Carnegie Museum learning about the earth, history, dinosaurs and more!

We hope your winter season is filled with the happiest memories with the ones you love, that you can cherish for years to come!  Happy adventuring!


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