Beauty & Skincare Ingredients to AVOID!

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    At MAC’s we always encourage your skincare regimens to be as organic, natural, and healthy as possible. Eminence Organics has nothing but the healthiest, all organic ingredients that treat your skin, but many other skincare products and brands contain ingredients that are actually HARMFUL to the skin and even your body!  Just because an ingredient isn’t natural or organic does not mean necessarily that it isn’t good for the skin, however, there are plenty that are far too prevalent in beauty and skincare products. In fact, there are 1,371 personal care ingredients BANNED in the European Union, and only 11 of them have been banned by the FDA.

1. Parabens

Paraben is a fairly broad term used for a certain group of chemicals that are primarily used to preserve shelf-life of products.  These chemicals are found in a vast majority of products and may not be deemed officially harmful by some, but they do mimic estrogen.  Excessive amounts of this can disrupt our delicate hormonal balances, and not to mention excessive estrogen can be tied to breast cancer.

  1.  “Fragrance”

We all love a sweet, fresh smelling skincare product, but remember:  a product can be scented wonderfully with natural ingredients still, not just a plethora of chemicals, which far too many are!  Something many aren’t aware of is the fact that federal law does not require companies to list ingredients in their “trade secret” of fragrance.

  1.  Polyethylene

This fancy, scientific-sounding word refers to the little plastic balls you’ve seen in soaps, scrubs, and exfoliating cleansers.  This material is a cheaper “exfoliant” than natural ones for companies to include in their products and they are gentler on the skin than natural ones.  However this material is made of synthetic chemicals, often mixed with 1, 4-dioxane which is legally considered a probable human carcinogen. They also are noted as a skin irritant, especially on broken skin.  There are so many healthier, more EFFICIENT exfoliants that are made of natural or organic ingredients!

  1. BHA and BHT

Yet another ingredient used to increase shelf life, these synthetic antioxidants are probable carcinogens and disrupt the natural hormone balance in the body.  In the longer term, they have even been said to cause liver damage. It can even cause skin DEpigmentation- quite the opposite of what people who try to take care of their skin are trying to do!

  1.  Glycols – DEG, PG, and PEG

These ingredients are petroleum byproducts, which have a high danger of included contaminants such as 1, 4-dioxane, lead, nickel, and even ARSENIC!  Glycols are widely associated to cancer, neurotoxicity, mental/reproductive issues, and more.

These are just a select few of the plethora of ingredients found in far too many of the best-selling beauty products that have so much harmful baggage that not many even know about.  The way to avoid these harmful materials is to simply research, stay informed and knowledgeable about what you are putting on your skin! There are many companies, like Eminence Organics, for example, that strives to create products that efficiently provide you with treatment and healthy desired results WITHOUT harming you behind the scenes!

Refer to these sources for more information on harmful beauty ingredients!

Stay Fresh, Pampered, and Healthy!


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    Very informative! I like the info shared by you. Your blog can be helpful to choose best products for our skin care. I will definitely follow your advice. Thanks for sharing.


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