Give the Gift of Prosperous Lashes!

Dec 18, 2018 | Daily Blogs | 0 comments

This Christmas and holiday season, you may be looking for an exciting, lovely gift idea for a fellow beauty enthusiast, but one that isn’t overdone, and is something your chosen recipient will really be intrigued to use.  You can give the gift of gorgeous, healthy, longer and fuller lashes this Christmas with GrandeLASH-MD, sold here at MAC’s!

Many of our clients are already using GrandeLASH and absolutely swear by it.  If you haven’t hopped on that train and have an interest in enhancing your own natural lashes or know someone who does, this serum will save your life!

After washing your face, you simply apply GrandeLASH as if it were a clear liquid liner- along your upper lash line before you go to bed each night until the entire tube runs out.  The serum will condition your lashes with the help of its vitamins, peptides, and amino acids.

While many products dealing with the growth of hair, nails, and things of the sort prove to be a gimmick, you can ask any GrandeLASH user and they will certainly tell you the difference they saw in their lashes so quickly!  In 4-6 weeks, GrandeLASH users see their lashes looking fuller, more youthful, and enhanced, and in just 3 months, full results ware visible!

This serum is completely safe to use with contacts and lash extensions as well!  It’s especially perfect if you or your gift recipient would like to dramatize and condition your/their own lashes, without getting lash extensions too!  Add a lash lift and tint from one of our amazing estheticians, or purchase a gift certificate for one to darken the lashes as well as give them more of a curl to follow as they grow and grow with the serum!

Stop in today to pick up your own GrandeLASH-MD serum, make any affiliated lash appointments, and/or purchase a gift certificate for one today!

Happy Holidays!


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