Harmful Habits for Our Skin

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Harmful Skin Habits:

Listen up ladies and gents.  We may be unintentionally doing harm to our skin with certain dirty and easily changed habits.  Keep reading to see if your are guilty (like me) of any bad habits that can age and harm your skin.

  1. Sweet and Salty Snacks.  Oh man.  Hitting where it hurts, right off the bat. Yes, foods that are sweet and salty are so dang delicious and tempting, but you do know the havoc this reeks on our skin? Sugars are one of the worst offenders for aging skin.  In a process called glycation, sugar-bonded proteins produce free radicals (bad stuff) that not only destroy collagen and elastin but also prevent your body from producing more. Without the presence of collagen and elastin in the skin, we begin to notice more fine lines and wrinkles due to the loss of strength and elasticity in the skin.  High sodium intake can have an adverse effect on your skin, as well. Too much sodium can cause our bodies to retain water which can lead to swollen and inflamed skin. You can easily combat the sweet and salty urges by snacking on more healthy options like dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate and walnuts rather than chips. Utilizing products with Vitamin C also aid in helping fight signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.  Try Eminence Organic Skin Care Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil.
  2. Skipping Sunscreen.  Sunscreen is so vitally important for maintaining safe, healthy skin.  Exposure to harmful UV rays can cause premature aging, emergence of dark spots and even more frightful issues such as melanoma.  In the United States this year alone, there have been an estimated 178,560 cases of melanoma, with 86% being attributed to sun exposure (Skin Cancer Foundation, 2018).  These harmful UV rays destroy collagen, reduce elasticity and yield thicker looking skin, also known as alligator skin. Along with the above mentioned issues, too much sun exposure without the proper protection can contribute to the emergence and presence of dark spots on the skin’s surface.  Start adding products with sunscreen into your everyday routine. You won’t even know it’s there and you’ll have the added benefit (and comfort) of knowing your skin is protected from those pesky and harmful UV rays, even on the most cloudy days. Try Eminence Organic Skin Care Red Currant Protective Moisturizer SPF 30 during the day and Eminence Organic Skin Care Bright Skin Overnight Correcting Cream at night.
  3. Too Much Alcohol and Coffee. Yes yes I know, a venti drip from Starbucks in the morning to make us feel human, but your skin is paying the price for the boost in energy we’ve all come to rely on.  The high acid content in coffee can actually spike our stress hormones, which leads to an increase of oil production which inevitably leads to, you guessed it, breakouts.  Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics that deplete the water found in our bodies. Alcohol is even more damaging to the skin because of the hindrance of body’s production of the hormone vasopressin.  This makes it twice as difficult for your body to rehydrate. The lack of hydration in the skin can result in itchiness, increased sensitivity, premature aging and and overall dulled appearance. Okay, so how much should you drink in a day? One or two cups of coffee and one glass of alcohol should cover it.  Try increasing your water intake and adding a product with hyaluronic acid into your daily facial routine and you’ll see an increase in your skin’s ability to retain hydration and moisture while plumping it up and keeping it soft and supple. Try Eminence Organic Skin Care Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum which is infused with botanical hyaluronic acids from the marshmallow plant extract to hydrate and replenish moisture.
  4. Dirty Makeup Brushes.  YES YES YES.  Ladies! This is so incredibly important! If you haven’t read my blog post about this, please do! (Brushing Up on Cleanliness: Makeup Brush Cleaning 101).  We all get lazy and don’t think about cleaning our makeup brushes, or if we do, we dread it.  Same. Only 61% of women clean their brushes once a month and a staggering 22% have never cleaned them at all!!! (Huffington Post).  These magical tools are loaded with dirt, grime and are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. According to Bustle, “swiping a dirt and bacteria-infested brush all over your face can cause an overload of microbes that your skin isn’t used to handling”.  In order to keep your brushes (and face) clean, dermatologists recommend cleaning those brushes at least once a month, but preferably every two weeks. Try Eminence Organic Skin Care Natural Brush Cleanser.  Simply spritz your brushes after each makeup application to keep them fresh and clean for a longer period of time.
  5. Lack of Sleep. I’m SO guilty of this.  It’s not a secret that your skin, and many other parts of our bodies, are impacted when we aren’t getting enough sleep.  Studies reveal that a lack of sleep can contribute to more fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and less elasticity. Here’s a little science for you: when your head hits your pillow every night, your skin goes to WORK.  Melatonin countervails environmental damages, HGH or human growth hormone, stimulates and spurs cell regeneration making your body’s stem cells reproduce and turnover. Over time, the result is a radiant, youthful and fresh complexion.  #FACTS. According to experts, seven to eight hours of sleep is optimal. This probably sounds like a dream but, it’s not as difficult as you think. Try utilizing the nighttime feature on your phone which removes the harsh blue light of your screen, replacing it with warmer yellow tones to ease the strain on the eyes.  Or, try relaxing by taking a digital siesta and soak in a warm bath. Just a thought.

I know I am so guilty of doing so many things that can harm my skin.  It’s truly unintentional but, it does happen. We’re only human. But now that I have the awareness of what kind of strain my skin is going through because of my poor, uneducated choices, I’m going to be a bit more careful with myself.  I only have one skin and honestly, I want to keep it as youthful and radiant as I can. I hope you join me in taking better care of our bodies.

Any questions?  No problem! Give us a call and we can help.  412-704-5259.

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