Spice Up Your Holiday Makeup with these Trends and Tips!

Nov 27, 2018 | Daily Blogs | 0 comments

    With Thanksgiving just passing us last week, lots of us feel truly and officially launched into the holiday season!  That being said, you may have some events or parties coming up where you’ll need some fresh ideas to get glam and stun everyone!  Or perhaps you simply want to have some trendy, festive, and fun makeup for work or another event. This year, try out these makeup trends and tips to surely stun everyone!

Go Classic and Classy

This year, and many prior, it seems a very natural eye with perhaps a warm brown eyeshadow shade blended in the crease of your eye is a staple.  Pair this with a wine red or bright red lip and surely SLEIGH everyone at work!


An extremely popular eyeshadow trend this year is a rich, metallic gold eye look.  You can do so much with so many shades of gold, but consider going SUPER bold with a very metallic or very glittery shade!  Even consider trying out an all-gold lip!

Glitter Highlight for DAYS!

Who doesn’t love a good glow?  Whether you tend to reach for highlighters a bit more on the subtle side or the ones that transform you into a glazed donut QUEEN, this holiday season, people are really gravitating towards intense, icy highlighters with GLITTER in the formula!  Throwing a bit of this type of glow on the high point of your face is sure to leave you shining brighter than the tinsel on your Christmas tree this holiday season!

Eyelids Shinier than Christmas Bulbs

Try a grungey look by smoking and blending out some warm toned shades on your eyes softly, like a burnt orange or red, and apply a very metallic shade (even perhaps a liquid shadow)  or one with fine-milled glitter within! The key is to create a simplistic wash of color on the eyelids, as light or bold as you prefer but really make it shine with the metalllics and/or glitter!

Blushing as Cute as Santa’s Elves

Blush may not be EVERYONE’s forte.  But this season, even if you want to look cute and winter-festive but not take a ton of time to do so with your makeup, BLUSH is the key!  Rather than a shade that makes you look bronzed and sunkissed, go for more of a vibrant pink or even… RED! Sweep the blush on the apples of your cheeks as well as the bridge or tip of your nose to look like a rosy-cheeked princess.  Even consider using your blush as an eyeshadow! Don’t be afraid to go ham, blush is blowing up in the beauty community this season!

Whatever your event may be, as extravagant or casual as it is, 2018 is sure to show you plenty of makeup trends you’ll want to try out in order to find your perfect holiday glam!

Happy Holidays, lovelies!


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