Soothing Bath Fizzers & Soaks at MAC’s!

Nov 15, 2018 | Daily Blogs | 0 comments

    With the holidays approaching,  we all need an easy evening to treat ourselves at home.  Stop into MAC’s to check out our selection of Farmhouse Fresh brand bath fizzers and bath soaks!  They are all extremely easy to use, natural, good for you, and extremely satisfying! They make for some WONDERFUL stocking stuffers or gifts in general that are sure to excite and sooth any friends and family.

Our Selection

  • Cranberry Orange & Bark Bath Fizzer- Moisturizing bath fizzer with gorgeous gold glitters
  • Candy Cane Champagne Bath Fizzer- Moisturizing bath fizzer with silver and white glitters that’s perfect for holiday relaxation
  • Rosemary Mint Tea Bath Soak- Mixture of mineral-rich salts, teas, flowers, and oils meant to make your bath a weightless, stress relieving experience
  • Coconut Milk Bath Soak- The ultimate skin softening and all-around soothing soak made with coconut milk, almond oil, and chicory root extract
  • Nectar Whole Milk Bath Soak- Rich, buttery bath soak made with pure whole milk, chicory root, and sweet almond oil, that helps soothe and calm the skin
  • Pistachio Cream Goats Milk Soap-  Soothing, sweet-smelling soap bars made with goat’s’ milk and pistachio flour

In addition to these heavenly bath products we carry, we also have many other FarmHouse Fresh products like facial skincare and skincare for all over the body!  Stop into MAC’s today to make sure you or your gift recipient surely have a heavenly holiday!


MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio 🙂


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