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    As we get closer to the holiday season, and deeper into the colder months of the year, we encourage you to take some time to pamper yourself or the ones you love with our heavenly services here at MAC’s.  For the month of November, we are offering multiple specials and deals on services that will surely have you glowing, gorgeous, and grateful going into this holiday season!

$10 Off of a Spray Tan

Even though this time of year doesn’t often allow for much sunbathing here in Pittsburgh, you can still glow away with a beautiful spray tan from our estheticians!

20% Off of ALL Facials

This special is PERFECT during this cold and dry time of year.  Your skin needs you to treat yourself! This also applies to any facials purchased as a gift this month.  A facial is a unique, exciting gift to give a friend or loved one, and their skin and mind will very much appreciate the relaxation and pampering!

Free Light Therapy with Any Treatment Facial

Our treatment facials are designed to treat any specific skin issues you may have, and they work WONDERFULLY! Our light therapy treatment can be added onto any facial for extra skin stimulation to control conditions like aging, psoriasis, rosacea, pain management, and more.  In November, this treatment can be added to any treatment facial for free!

Microchannel Package Special

ProCell microchanneling is an extremely effective facial that creates channels in the skin for maximum serum absorption and boosted growth factors for the most healthy, youthful, plum, and glowing skin.  This treatment works most efficiently in series, and this month only, if you purchase a package of 4, one of those treatments will include a free microdermabrasion AND light therapy treatment!! This package will perform WONDERS for the skin that are very quickly noticeable!

All of these amazing deals and specials last only for this month, so be sure to schedule for yourself, or for any gift treatments ASAP!  Look and feel as celestially gorgeous as you are inside and out this fall/winter season!

Call 412-704-5259 to inquire pricing, details of any treatment, or to schedule an appointment today!

Happy Holiday Season!

MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio


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