SOS: Dry Skin Tips and Tricks!

Nov 5, 2018 | Daily Blogs | 0 comments

Cold Weather Skin Tips:

With the colder weather upon us, it is exceptionally important to maintain and care for our skin. Cooler weather means less humidity and drier air which can aggravate some skin conditions leaving our skin appear more dull.  Many of us, myself included, are guilty of not adjusting our skin care routine for the changing of the seasons. Your skin is your biggest organ and needs to be cared for just like our insides. For tips on how to beat the cold weather and keep your skin in the best shape, keep on reading:

  • Eat the harvest. Eating or incorporating the foods that are in season are going to help your skin substantially.  The highest antioxidant rich foods are in season right now and we should be taking advantage of such a wonderful thing. Foods like cranberries, blueberries, pumpkin, squash and pomegranate keep the skin looking fresh.
  • Don’t turn up the heat. Just add another layer. Turning up the head indoors can further remove humidity within the air and lead to even drier skin.
  • Use your humidifier.  Using the humidifier will add moisture back into the air, making your skin feel less dry. Set the humidity level on your humidifier between 45 – 55% for best results.
  • Take warm showers rather than hot showers. As amazing as hot hot showers feel on the chilly mornings (or afternoons, or evenings), hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils and also any water already in the skin. Try limiting your showers to no longer than 15 minutes with warm water.
  • Don’t use harsh soaps. Alot of antibacterial and deodorant soaps can be harsh and drying to skin. Try opting for a less drying option like a fragrance free cleanser.
  • Use a multitasking moisturizer. Ladies and gents, this is key for moisturized skin. Rather than wiping your skin with your towel after your shower, try blotting your skin.  While your skin is still damp and warm from the warm (not hot) water, apply a cream, rather than a lotion, rich in ceramides to help the skin lock in the moisture.  Finding a moisturizer that doubles as an exfoliant can really help with the removal of dead skin cells leaving your skin feel even more baby soft and radiant. Who doesn’t want that in the middle of the cold winter?!
  • Don’t forget your hands! I’m constantly washing my hands to prevent the spread of germs and my hands get dry. Rather than using a traditional hand sanitizer, opt for a sanitizer that contains a moisturizer as well. Try to moisturize your hands after each washing too.  It’ll help!
  • Ease up on facial exfoliation.  Our skin is already more dry in the cooler weather so try reducing the frequency of facial exfoliation to reduce or avoid skin irritations.  It’s perfectly okay to still exfoliate your skin, however, maybe try once a week.

Here is a list of a few products available at Macs that can help to retain moisture in your skin over the next several months of cooler weather.

-Bamboo Firming Fluid

-Apricot Body Oil

-Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer

-Skin Care Services

If you have any questions or don’t see it listed on our website, don’t worry!  We can order it for you! While you’re at it, schedule a facial for yourself. It’s never too late to start pampering your skin.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!




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