Brushing Up on Cleanliness: Makeup Brush Cleaning 101

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Brushing up on Cleanliness: Makeup Brush Cleaning 101:

If you’re anything like I am, I hate cleaning my makeup brushes.  It takes me about an hour to get them all clean. BUT, do you know what can happen if you DON’T clean them on a regular basis?  Take a seat, we need to talk about this.

First things first, if you aren’t cleaning your makeup brushes regularly, why? I know I know, it takes a long time, but, it really is a necessary evil if you want a flawless makeup application and to keep your skin in tip top shape. Let’s break it down:

1:  No one wants acne.  Duh.  When you neglect to clean your makeup brushes regularly, bacteria can build up on the bristles leading to infection on the skin, eventually leading to acne.

2:  Your makeup application won’t be as smooth.  Using brushes that are caked with foundation from previous applications can lead to your foundation going on the skin looking streaky.  The same can be said about applying eyeshadow. If you don’t clean your brushes, the colors can all blend together and look muddy.

3:  Your brushes won’t last as long.  Let’s face it, makeup brushes, well, makeup in general, is very expensive.  It’s an investment. When you regularly clean your brushes, you’re extending the life of the brush.

4:  Don’t prolong or spread viral infections.  Think about it, if you have a head cold and are one of those ambitious types that still manages to put makeup on even when you’re sick (more power to you, you’re my hero), the bacteria is living on the bristles of the brush.  Crash the germ party and clean those brushes to prevent future or prolonged illness.

5:  Skin irritation.  If the bristles of your makeup brushes are packed with product, your skin can become irritated from the stiffness of the bristles.  The irritation can lead to unwanted skin texture and acne. Not something we want.

Dermatologists strongly recommend cleaning your makeup brushes preferably every two weeks.  If you don’t have the time or have other restrictions that don’t permit cleaning them every two weeks, try to clean them at least once a month.

What should you use to clean them?

There are several products on the market you can use to clean your brushes.  Be careful when selecting products that have a high concentration of alcohol in them.  Although alcohol is wonderful for killing germs and bacteria, it can be very drying on the brushes and your skin.  Look for products that are gentle and don’t have such harsh chemicals. Eminence Organics Skincare makes an Organic Natural Brush cleaner that is perfect (Eminence Brush Cleaner).  Obvious from the name, the ingredients are all safe, organic and won’t overly dry or damage your brushes.  Simply spritz the cleaner onto your brush and blot off, allowing the bristles to air dry. It’s best to get in the habit of spraying the brush after each application to keep your brushes cleaner, longer.

Another cleaning method is to use a gentle dish soap, olive oil and warm water.  Gently clean the brushes and rinse thoroughly. Remember when drying the brushes to lay them with the bristles facing the ground.  This prevents water from settling in the ferel, which can cause rust and can lead to the bristles prematurely shedding.

I hope this helps.  Happy cleaning!




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