Halloween Crafts and Party Favors for Kids

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Now that we are down to a week until Halloween, the kids are surely jumping with excitement, and hopefully you are too!!  With Halloween parties coming up in school or at home, you’ll surely want to try out some of these fun and cute crafts the kids are sure to LOVE!

  1. The Handprint Witch

We all know and love the handprint turkey for Thanksgiving, but make it festive for Halloween!!

  1. Have kids paint their hands green and stamp them on paper.
  2. When dry, use orange to make her hair.
  3. Cut shapes in construction paper for eyes and hat.
  4. Use Sharpies or markers for a nose, mouth, broom, and any scenery!

Handprint Witch Craft for Kids to Make

  1.  Toilet Roll Batty Pals

These adorably spooky crafts can be so much fun for kids not only to make, but to play with and decorate with!

  1. Fold the tops of toilet paper rolls in to make bat ears and glue them there.
  2. Cut wings out on black construction paper and glue to the sides.
  3. Draw or paint on fun faces and features!


  1. Spider Donuts

These delicious creepy crawlers can make an awesome party favor, or be fun to eat at home!

  1. Cut the two round sides off of a thin pretzel snack.
  2. Push 8 pretzel pieces into the top of a mini donut for its legs.
  3. Add melted chocolate or frosting, then stick 2 M&M’s in it for eyes. Enjoy!

easy mini donut spiders – easy Halloween treat kids can make

  1. Mummy Jar

These jars are so fun to make and can be used for candy, toys, and perhaps the most fun- SLIME!

  1. Wash and dry your mason jar!
  2. Cut a rectangle of a fun, bright, or neon tissue paper wide enough to wrap around the jar and two or three inches taller than the actual jar.
  3. Line the paper up so that half an inch hangs over the bottom of the jar and an inch or two over top.  Wrap around and glue into place.
  4. Use yarn (or t-shirt yarn for a thicker effect!) to tie around the neck of the mummy jar, then wrap all you want in any patterns you want down the jar for the mummy’s bandages.
  5. Snip the end of the yarn, tie it off, and tuck it hidden away.
  6. Finish the mummy off with some googly eye and some small Halloween trinkets/accessories you can find in stores or make!


  1.   Candy Corn Marshmallow People

These precious little marshmallow snacks are sure to be a blast if you choose to actually make them with the kids, or make them FOR the kids!

  1. Melt colored chocolate melts like Wilton chocolate melts in orange and yellow according to directions.
  2. Pour into two separate bowls.  If using white chocolate, add food coloring now, and whisk!
  3. Dip your marshmallow in orange first, 1/3 of the way up, then place them on parchment paper after this step.
  4. Once the orange chocolate is set, dip them again but in yellow, only halfway up the orange section.
  5. After this sets, use black gel icing to make tiny dots for the eyes.  Enjoy!

Candy Corn Marshmallow People. Vegan/GF Option.

Have a fun Halloween celebration!



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