Easy and Fun Halloween Makeup Ideas

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    With Halloween just around the corner, you may be scrambling for a unique and fun costume or look idea. There are so many makeup looks that are extremely easy to achieve, but are sure to WOW anyone at a Halloween party and even the trick-or-treaters!

  1. Signature “Glampire”

A CLASSIC staple character of Halloween is the vampire of course!  Consider glamming up your vampire look by blending out a smokey black shadow into a brighter, red shade in the crease of your eyelid.  Pop on some dramatic lashes if you choose and pair these eyes with a black or wine red lipstick. You can find easy to apply vampire fangs at any Halloween store or even the drugstore.  Drip some stage blood from your lips and you’re set to slay!

  1.  Cobweb Witch

Of course you can snag a pretty witch hat from any Halloween store or even a stylishly witchy one from the mall and call it a day, but why not amaze everyone with a witchy and fun makeup look too?! You can make a witch look so personally creative in so many ways!  Choose shades of greens and purples for your eyeshadow, in any fashion. Remember- don’t be afraid to get super dramatic! If you want to make this look quite creative, create a cobweb underneath your winged eyeliner, in the crease of your eye, or even under your eyes to be extra creepy! You can even add a little spider dangling from it with the liner!  At many drugstores and Halloween stores, you can even find cobweb LASHES!

  1.  Glitter Jack-O-Lantern

Look up images of jack-o-lanterns, or even think of your own.  You can create an intense face-painted look with basic makeup products!  Apply your base as usual (replace foundation with orange face paint for extra festiveness!).  Then create a jagged smile with eyeliner or even a colorful liquid lipstick. You could create a glam eye look, or even draw the typical triangles around your eyes for this look.  Add black glitter on the smile and eye shapes you’ve created for some pizzazz! (Consider making yourself a colorful jack-o-lantern by using colored glitters!)

  1.  Fairy Queen

This look idea is extremely soft and simple, and perfect if you want something more elegant than creepy.  Apply your base of foundation and concealer as you normally would. Either skip or go very light with contouring, but rather add a soft pink blush!  There are many eye looks you could add to a fairy queen’s look, but focus on pastel colors, and nothing too intense! Consider adding some colored freckle specks or detailing you can imagine on a fairy queen. Most importantly, don’t forget your pastel or silver glitter in areas you want to highlight!  Finish the look with a beautiful tiara and perhaps some wings!

  1.  Adorable Scarecrow

Something super fun and cute to turn into is a scarecrow gal!  All this look takes is some cute, messy “stitches” with eyeliner next to your mouth to form a smile, a stitched triangular nose patch, and perhaps hash marks for “stitches” in the shape of a square that you can shade with an eyeshadow shade to look like a fabric patch.  Pop on some super rosy blush for added cuteness! Lastly, grab your flannel and a straw hat and you’re ready to go!

Add to these look ideas, dress them, or personalize them in any way you choose.  It’s Halloween, so don’t be afraid to try something new and out of your comfort zone! Happy Halloween!


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