Myths/Fears of Microblading: BUSTED!

Oct 11, 2018 | Daily Blogs | 0 comments

Let’s guess:  you’ve been seeing photos and videos online of microbladed eyebrows and longing to wake up every day with filled, perfectly shaped brows like the ones in them… BUT think of all the “what if?”s!  Take it from anyone at MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio, whether artist or client, the myths and fears you’ve heard or thought of can be put at ease in full assurance.

MYTH/FEAR #1:  It’s going to hurt so much!

Everyone has different pain thresholds, but some of our clients who would never DREAM of getting an actual tattoo even agree that the feeling is very manageable.  In fact, we even will apply a numbing cream before the actual treatment. Although it doesn’t completely numb your face, it safely takes away a large portion of the feeling in the brow area.

MYTH/FEAR #2:  What if they make my brows way too dark, thick, thin, etc.?!

When you schedule with us for a microblading appointment, you will be told the whole process takes 2-3 hours.  The fact of the matter is for at least the first hour to 90 minutes, our artists will sit down with you, getting to know you and your face, as well as your desired intensity, color, shape, density, etc.  They then spend time designing the “perfect brow” for you which you can approve of before actually starting the microblading process.

MYTH/FEAR #3:  What if I don’t always want my brows to look the way I get them microbladed?

It is often said that microblading is “like” tattooing your brows with a micro-thin blade, which tends to overwhelm some people.  Microblading is semi-permanent and will last between 1-3 years (with proper care and maintenance of them!) as the ink doesn’t go as deep in the skin as that of a typical tattoo.

What are you waiting for?  If all of the questions or concerns you’ve been having in regards to getting your brows microbladed are turned to dust, let us give you the most FLAWLESS brows designed just for you! Call 412-704-5259 to schedule an appointment or provide any further inquiries today!



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