DIY Scarecrows for Fall

Sep 25, 2018 | Daily Blogs | 0 comments

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year to some- FALL!  When people decorate for fall, a staple character of the season is the friendly scarecrow!   You can find so many different styles of scarecrows at local craft stores, but even better can be creating your own!  You can make your very own, personalized cute little friend to decorate your home with, and even do so during some quality time with the family!  There are so many ways to personalize your family’s scarecrow and make him/her your own. This is just a basic premise and some suggestions to know how to build one!  (Original steps for building the scarecrow can be found at

What You’ll Need:

  • Straw or dried grass
  • String
  • Permanent marker or paint
  • Safety Pins
  • Plastic bags or newspapers
  • Pillowcase or burlap sack for the head
  • Hat
  • Optional board or post for stand
  • Your choice of clothes, fabrics, and accessories
  • Any other cool knick-knacks or accessories you like!

Suggestions:  Add some flowers (real or fake) if your scarecrow is a girl, or perhaps a nice bow or even big fake eyelashes for a glam scarecrow!  If its a boy, add some cool sunglasses!

Let’s get started!

  1. Button, close, zip, or tie any clothing where necessary. (If your scarecrow girl is wearing a dress, close off above the waist area and let the “skirt” flow, unstuffed.)
  2. Stuff all the clothing full with bags or newspaper.  (We’ll finish it off with hay or grass later, so don’t stuff too full!)
  3. Use safety pins to attach the shirt to the pants at the waist.
  4. Stuff your pillowcase or sack for the face and tie off the end.
  5. Give him/her some personality with paints/markers/fabrics!  What kind of person is your scarecrow? A laughing, prideful one, or a sweet, shy, and smiling one?  (Suggestion: Add those big false lashes from the drugstore and draw on some lipstick for your lovely glam lady or give your boy some cool eyebrows and/or shades!)
  6. Tuck into the neck opening of the shirt and secure with pins.
  7. Secure your hat or headpiece with safety pins.
  8. Stuff some straw into the openings of the clothing for a true scarecrow effect and glue if necessary.
  9. Insert flexible wire into the arms and legs if you want your scarecrow to be posable!
  10. Personalize your scarecrow even more!  Consider making a character with a theme out of your scarecrow, such as a spooky vampire, an elegant princess, a movie character, a supermodel, a surfer, or just a traditional farmer scarecrow pal! (Suggestion: For families, try making a scarecrow to represent each of you, then you can decorate your home with your own scarecrow family!)
  11. Place your scarecrow carefully!  You can have him sitting on the porch, peering into the garden, perched in a window box, inside in the entryway, or so many other places.  Be sure to secure him down if it’s windy!



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