Herbs that Enhance the Immune System

Sep 20, 2018 | Daily Blogs | 0 comments

At this time of the year, anywhere you go you’ll find people coughing and sneezing, or complaining of being sick.  Whether it’s at work, school, or even just the grocery store, everyone will get that slight subconscious anxiety over whether they will catch something as well.  DON’T WORRY!!! There are plenty ways to aid in keeping your immune system healthy- many of which are fairly obvious or self-explanatory, but many people don’t know that there are herb ingredients you can put into your diet or system that help the immune system work harder!  These are only a few of the many helpful herbs out there!


Many people hear the name of this plant and think of the lovely flower it produces, but really it has so many medicinal and health properties when consumed in capsule form, or used as an herbal ingredient, like in teas!  Evidence shows that the phytochemicals in it that can reduce virus infections, and the echinacein compound stops bacteria and viruses from penetrating healthy cells. This all decreases chances of contracting infections with echinacea in the system.


This flower plant’s petals have been used medicinally for centuries!  The flavonoids in calendula protect cells from free radical damage (which is great for skin aging as well!).  Calendula, like echinacea, works to fight bacteria and viruses!


Garlic?! Many people are disgusted when food is heavily seasoned in garlic, but there are so many ways to enjoy this ingredient, even in oils for the body or essential oils.  It has been proven that different chemical compounds in garlic kill many microorganisms and bacterial factors responsible for infections like tuberculosis, pneumonia, and even ear infections!


Many of us LOVE ginger in desserts, meals, and teas!  This herb is great at warming the body, which means it is believed to be effective at cleaning any toxins from the body.  It cleanses the lymphatic system and prevents viral, fungal, and bacterial infections.


Elderberry is a unique plant with so many components that keep you feeling healthy!  It is most known for its century-long use in treating influenzas and sinus infections!  They also have antihistamines, which are known to treat allergies (which are very prevalent as well this time of year).  All parts of this plant can be used in so many different ways to help boost your immune system.

Try these ingredients in the food you eat, in a hot tea, or even try making your own essential oil or body oil!  Stay healthy and happy this cold/flu season! 🙂





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