8 Lipstick Colors & Trends for Fall 2018

Sep 13, 2018 | Daily Blogs | 0 comments

We are now entering the autumn season- which is a cult favorite in the beauty community!  We all think of the beautiful classic lipstick colors you think of when hearing “fall.” This year, try branching out from even those and try a new color or upcoming trend!

  1. Wine Reds

This shade of lipstick is a timeless staple for the fall season!  Many people gravitate towards brighter, less dramatic red shades. Branch out this fall and try out something deeper, and more sultry!

  1. Cool-Toned Browns

The term “cool-toned” when used to describe lipstick shades may seem a bit intimidating.  Many would picture something muddy looking, but there are so many beautiful shades that look lovely on any skin tone, such as “Girlfriend” and “Flirt” by Huda Beauty (whose brand we are proud to carry at MAC’s!). You can be sure to find a beautiful cool toned shade as natural, or bold as you desire!

  1. Warmer Browns

You can transform into a spice princess with warmer browns and nude-browns!  Try out “Spice Girl” by Huda Beauty for a bold, deeper choice, or “Trendsetter” for something a bit less intense!

  1.  Metallic Copper

A fairly new trend in the makeup world would be the amazing metallic lipstick! These are made in a classic lipstick form, and even liquid matte form that dries down comfortably!  The light catches on these lipsticks to create a beautiful metallic sheen! A copper shade like this would be a gorgeous stable for a fall day out. Try out “Man Eater” in Colourpop Cosmetics’ metallic collection.

  1. Marvelous Mauves

Mauve shades of any sort of makeup really can suit the fairest skin tones, to the deepest ones!  For fall, try out a deep, rich mauve on your lips! The matte shade “Trophy Wife” from Huda Beauty, or “Androgyny” from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

  1. Blurred Out Lipstick

This trend is very new, and definitely something far from the norm!  Essentially it involves using a brush or even a finger to soften the edges of the lipstick.  With a lighter shade, this effect can make the lips have a nice, soft, and pretty tint. With a deeper shade, this can make your look all the more creative.

  1.  Glitter Lips

Fancy fall evening out? Spice it up with a glitter lipstick or by adding cosmetic glitter to your own lipstick!  Try Kat Von D’s Everlasting Glimmer lipsticks or Ciaté London’s Glitter Flips for some comfortable sparkle!

  1. Deep Duochromes!

These days, many lip products aren’t only one flat color! Brands make lipsticks, lip glosses, and toppers that have different reflects in them, which makes the lipstick have a duochromatic, iridescent effect!  Try a warm, deeper shade in this formula, such as “Fairplay” by NYX Cosmetics!

Happy Fall!!! XOXO


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