DIY Back To School Supplies!

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The time has come for the kids to go back to school!  No matter what age, having some cool, unique supplies and items on you at school makes things super fun!  These things are even cooler when you can say you made or customized them yourself! Enjoy these super fun, easy, and customizable DIY supply ideas!

Watercolor Splatter Notebook

You can make a notebook look so magical and vibrant if you personalize it with watercolor!

Step 1: Choose your favorite colors, and lightly flick or smear the colors on a sheet of watercolor paper, then let it dry!

Step 2: For the actual “notebook paper,” you can use printer paper and fold your desired amount in half altogether.

Step 3: Cut your beautiful watercolor paper ¼ inch larger than the inner papers, and then fold it in half as well.

Step 4: Measure 2 inches from the top and bottom of the inner papers and make a hole with a pin or puncher.  Do the same for the cover, being sure to line them all up.

Step 5: Use a needle and string to thread the string from outside of the cover, through the inside of the pages, and back up to the front, then tie a tight knot on the outside of the notebook.  For extra security, do this the opposite way and tie a knot inside the book.

Step 6: Add your name or any other labeling, and enjoy!

Beaded Backpack Tags

DIY Luggage Tags

Step 1: Gather small knick-knacks or toys that make you happy, yarn, and any colorful beads of your choice!

Step 2 :  Paint the toys if you choose.  Making them a solid color and then placing different colors of beads and objects around them on the keychain tag looks super cool!

Step 3: Use a pin or nail (with a parent or someone else’s help!) to poke two holes in the tops of the toys, then attach a wire or string through to make a loop on top if the object is hollow, otherwise use hot glue.

Step 4: Add some additional beads on the string with the toy or object!

Step 5: Make some beaded accent chains to go on your bag with your larger ones, perhaps using fun, colorful letters to monogram!

Step 6: Decorate the cords with pompoms, beads, tassels, and anything that tickles your fancy!

Step 7: Make a loop of yarn at the tops to attach your lovely keychain tags to your backpack and show them off!

Graphic, Glittery Pencil Case

DIY Glittery Graphic Pencil Cases

Step 1: Print out stencil templates or designs on adhesive label paper and cut out the black designs.

Step 2: Peel the backs off and adhere them to your plain pencil case.

Step 3: Paint over the stencil with white paint as a primer, then after it dries, use the color of your choice to spice it up.

Step 4: Peel off the stencil and clean up the edges.

Step 5: For glitter, whether in accents or for a full confetti case, lay down a layer of mod podge, sprinkle glitter or confetti over top, and seal with another mod podge layer.

Have a fabulous school year!!! XOXO


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