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• R E T E N T I O N •

#1This is what it looks like when you take really good care of your lash extensions and follow all the lash extension rules –
use only oil Free eye makeup/makeup remover
no face sleeping
gently cleaning + brushing your lashes every day morning and evening
don’t get them wet for 3 hours following appointment
no rubbing your eyes and ripping them out
do not use excessive heat or saunas
and of course have a great lash stylist 💋
#2Make sure you find a good lash stylist that takes pride in her work and the health of your lashes into consideration. You never want to put extensions on that are too long, too thick or too heavy because that can cause lash damage!!! 😱 NO ONE wants that!!! This particular client has been my client for almost 9 years and you can see that her natural lashes are in extremely good condition. They look the same now as they did when we started and we have never taken a break. You may hear you “have to take a break” but if applied correctly you will never have to take a break!!

#3 Why is it so important to clean your lashes every day!? 🤔 the answer is so simple!! Without cleaning your lashes every day you will create buildup from makeup/oil/pollution from outside/dry skin(our skin naturally exfoliates every day) in your lash line and hair follicle causing lash extension loss, infection or even worse natural lash loss!!!!! If makeup builds up in between the lash extension and natural lash it will cause it to pop off. If your natural lashes do not have a have a clean environment for the hair follicle to grow, it will close up that follicle causing premature shedding or even worse a clogged hair follicle.
Heart shape in Black🖤Cleaning your lashes is not a hard thing to do. Make it part of your nighttime routine. #xtremelashes Oil Free eye makeup remover is perfect and makes it easy! Conveniently made in a pumper bottle you can spray directly on one eye at a time and gently use your finger to dissolve the makeup followed by rinsing with water 💦 You can purchase this awesome eye cleanser at #macslashandskinstudio
Call us today to schedule your full set or relash appointment!
Maria XOXO


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