Give Your Natural Lashes All They Need with a Lash Lift and Tint!

Aug 14, 2018 | Daily Blogs | 0 comments

Do your lashes look dull, straight, and not exciting to your own eye?  Do you often find that your lashes just won’t curl or stay curled no matter how many different lash curlers and mascara brands you use?  Do you wish your natural lashes were more bold, dark, and styled, without the intense effort of makeup every day or the upkeep of lash extensions?

These problems and questions can be easily answered and solved with a new service we offer at MAC’s Lash & Skin Studio called a lash lift and tint (It’s a perm for your lashes!).  Our talented stylists use high-quality Eleebana products and techniques to style your lashes the best to personally suit your face and eyes. Your lashes are curled around a comfortable silicon piece with an eye-safe, sterile adhesive to lift and perm your lashes with a beautiful, natural curl.  Then your lashes will be tinted to the shade of your liking or to suit your complexion to add more of a pop of boldness to them.

A lash lift and tint is a quick, easy way to enhance the lovely lashes that you already have, by perming and curling them, as well as tinting them to be bolder.  This relaxing process is an alternative to lash extensions if you are looking for something more low-maintenance and for a lesser price, and the upkeep is extremely low maintenance.  At $125, your gorgeous, healthy curled lashes will last 6-8 weeks depending on your own lash type and history! Call 412-704-5259 to schedule an appointment today! 🙂

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