MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio is Now Offering…….

Jun 27, 2018 | Specials | 0 comments

We are extremely excited to announce that we are now offering….. A Lash Lift and Tint service!
A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that makes your natural eyelashes perfectly curled with added definition. This procedure lasts for 8-12 weeks and requires very little maintenance with beautiful, long lasting results.
It takes around 45 minutes for the treatment to be done. You can even still wear mascara with your lash lift, as long as it’s not waterproof!
Procedure Steps:
1. A silicone pad is placed on the upper eyelid with glue to keep it in place after the required size is selected
2. The lashes are placed carefully onto the silicone pad with glue to keep them in the perfect place
3. A lifting serum is then applied to the lashes for 6 minutes, followed by removal
4. After the lifting serum is completely removed from the lashes, a setting serum is applied for 5 minutes
5. After removing the setting serum and the lashes from the silicone padwith a dry and wet cotton round, an optional tint is applied to the lashes for 10-15 minutes and then the silicone pads are removed
6. After the tint is wiped away completely and the silicone pads are removed, you will be left with beautiful, longer lashes!
*Do not wear contacts or eyemakeup to the treatment
*Do not use any oil based cleansers or go underwater for 24 hours
*Avoid rubbing your eyes after the appointment
*A patch test is suggested, but not required


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