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Collagen is a fibrous protein that’s a key component of your skin—it helps keep your dermis youthful and resilient (as well as lubricate your joints and aid in digestion). It’s also jam-packed with “nonessential” amino acids that are actually pretty important in keeping the body functioning smoothly, like sleep boosting glycine, as well as the skin, namely proline and hydroxyproline.

Why drink your collagen?

Collagen protein is unique, in that it has high amounts of the amino acids glycine, proline, and lysine, which are essential for the formation and repair of connective tissues, repair of bone matrix and joint surfaces, support of healthy skin and hair, and more. Sipping collagen, rather than applying it topically or injecting it, provides the entire body with the building blocks it needs to support the creation and repair of the body’s connective tissues, a process that starts to break down once you hit your mid-20s. Providing your entire system with collagen can help kick-start it again.

How does drinking collagen help your own skin make more collagen?

When you ingest science-based hydrolyzed collagen, you increase the pool of special amino acids available to the cells in your body that make collagen In the skin, the fibroblasts in the dermal layer produce the collagen, so flooding the body with [collagen] can stimulate or optimize [your own] collagen formation, especially in cases where the supply is declining due to age or diet.

Vital Proteins Beauty Water is perfect for on the go. Its filled with 10 to 20g of collagen, 120mg Hyaluronic acid, 28 cfu probiotics, gluten-free, no added sugar and made with pure and simple ingredients. It restores and boosts your body’s natural beauty, as it was meant to shine. Our products work from within to enhance your skin, hair, and nails, naturally. Collagen helps restore the skin’s moisture, improving the elasticity, tone, and vibrancy that’s already within you. We’re all about providing natural, simple ways to combat the signs of aging to help you look and ultimately feel your best.** Ingesting collagen is cheaper and more beneficial than injecting it.


  • Glowing skin**
  • A more youthful appearance**
  • Joint health**
  • Tendon & bone strength**
  • Healthy cartilage**
  • Increased athletic performance**
  • Improved digestion**
  • Gut health**
  • Deeper sleep**
  • Enhance hair, skin, and nails: The powerful duo of sustainably-sourced collagen and hyaluronic acid helps rescue thinning hair, dull skin and brittle nails.**
  • Improve Energy: You’re worth too much to get weighed down with added sugars and fillers. Our Collagen Beauty Water contains nothing but all natural ingredients.


  • Blend into lattes or teas
  • Stir into your favorite muffin recipe
  • Freshen up a cold glass of water

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