Where did my lashes go?!

Aug 13, 2017 | Daily Blogs

Why is my retention bad?? Well here are the top reasons your lashes aren’t lasting like they should and what you can do to fix it! ⚠️  Oil! It doesn’t matter if its oil from your skin, a soap or cosmetic product, any oil will get in those lashes and break down the bond in the glue so be careful! Don’t let any product rinse down over your face in the shower that’s not recommended for the lash extensions. This includes facial cleansers, shampoos, and conditioners. Use only oil free cosmetics, and be sure to purchase a protective coating to help keep your natural oils off as well! Also, proper cleaning is very important to remove any oils from around your eyes. ⚠️  Crying. Again as with oil crying can cause a buildup that’s not good. Salt and oil from tears need to be cleansed from you eyes. The Salt can really dry out your lashes. ⚠️ Rubbing. Keep those hands off! Rubbing will loosen the lashes along with depositing oils on them from your fingers!! So just DON’T! ⚠️ Shock cure. This is what happens to your glue when you get the lashes wet before it is done curing. Most Lash glues are made to be flexible and move with your natural Lash. But in order to do this, they have to cure slowly. Getting them wet makes them cure and harden instantly (shock cure) this cause a very hard brittle bond so when your Lash flexes or bends the glue will just break. So when your Lash stylist says to keep them dry for X-hrs listen to them!! ⚠️  Sleep habits. Don’t sleep on your face! Sleeping this way will rub your lashes and maybe even pull them off with your pillow! Try sleeping on your back or on your side with your pillow rolled under your cheek to help keeps your eye off of it. ⚠️  Shedding. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about this one except eat a healthy diet to give your natural Lash the nutrients it needs to thrive and keep them clean (yes I mentioned this already, so it must be important). Clean lashes mean clean hair follicles so the lash will be healthy and strong.

– XOXO     ❤️  Shana Bieda